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This is a quick auto-translation of the Walkthrough in the original Czech language using Google Translate.
Some texts may be unclear or untranslated. Names of persons and items may not correspond to the english version of the game (e.g. dirt = Grime, furry = leather seller).
Most importantly, sometimes the meaning of a sentence may be opposite; e.g. when walkthrough says "You can kill troll with one attack" the actual meaning may be "Troll may kill you with one attack" (Czech language has very loose word order and Google sometimes does not understand who does what).
Proper translation with corrections will be done later and gradually.
If anything is unclear and you need help understanding it, please contact me via the email address on the end of this walkthrough.

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1. Crypt

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1. New Game

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1. Main character

At the beginning you choose a character. Icon in the left corner to toggle between a man and a woman. At the top right, then enter the name. Shift yellow stone in the middle range you select individual properties. For the main character and start the game I suggest either strength or speed. The high strength allows you to use the found guns and shields. Speed ​​affects whether you attack first, which comes in handy when you have a few lives at the beginning of the game, and if it quickly seize upon over 30, you get two shares per round. Magic will give you more mana and the ability to cast more spells (which at the beginning is not needed and the second figure you'll get a high magic) and Charisma allows you to better play the song and get better prices in the shops (but third figure it is high, so it will sell it for you). Charisma However, you should have at least 10, you can use the flute for treatment. Additionally insufficiently vyvynuté properties will be able to improve in for money, so it is really just the beginnings of which are in this game really hard - but if you prepare well, they can be easy.

Click Continue to start the Intro, which you will learn who your character is and what he wanted her. Then it was ocytnete in the crypt (which is actually a pub cellar Caredbarské).

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2. again and again

The game will tell you that you have to open your inventory and add the figure of five points that you acquired at the first level. First, let's count the points of departure and if the result is small (see below), I recommend you stop the game and try again. First game store and remember the sum.

Start a new game, set the same properties and click Continue. Skip intro arrow at the bottom right and recheck the sum of the properties. If it is better than the previous game store (if it is worse, let the original deposit). Again, quit the game and try another new game.

The sum can be in the range of 40 to 80, so whichever you specify how long you toss (I recommend reach at least 60-65, if you endure to 75, passes the beginning of your character like Superman). Also, be aware that some skill is not too low (generally below 10), because it could complicate the use of certain subjects.

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2. 1st Floor

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1. Equipment and fight

Go ahead and click on the tomb. Posbítejte objects (by clicking on them), open the inventory (click on the character portrait) and put her hand collected the sword. Also learn that you can look underneath him, so you can pick up objects on which they stand. If you play announces: "full inventory", it means that some objects fell to the ground!

Lever to the right of the gate to open it and move on. Around the corner is a zombie and kill him. Either your sword or you can use the Fireball (Fire attack). It should be enough for him two attacks. After the fight Sleep (icon Zzz) and move on. Pulling the lever on the left drained zombies. A little pull back into the hallway and then wait for him. When you see it, hold the portrait of the character (or press Enter) and toss him two fireball. That'll kill him before he gets to you. Then pull the lever to the right, again, pull back and wait for the other zombies.

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2. The first puzzle

In the corridor to the east and pick up the skull in the corridor to the north ducats. Then go west. Walk over to the button on the floor, and open inventory. Skull drag on the character portraits, look down and click the button to place the skull. This will keep the gate open. Be careful that you do not click too far away or throw away the skull. The second solution to this puzzle is: go down the hall to encounter a zombie. In the fight just step back and not attack back. Once you get to the button, move back toward the gate. Once the zombie rises button, hopping gate (to the hallway you can return later).

If you placed the skull of a button, go through the gate, but continue along the corridor. Kill the zombies (or you use the trick described above) and at the end of the hall and pick up the food it is pressed white button on the south wall. The secret passage next, then pick up potions. Open the map and teleport (Drag magician top left of the map, just like on Google Maps) back to the button. Note that you can only teleport to a square where you have stood and are therefore white. Also, you can not teleport to places that lie behind closed doors, like a fallen bridge. Teleport not go to other floors (you can teleport to the stairs and walk through them, then you can teleport away).

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3. Music

Go through the gate and pick up the first tomb of cap, which you attach to your inventory and then the flute. When you put it in your hand (you need charisma 10, so if you generated a bad character, it will not be able to use), you can play a healing song that effectively converted mana lives. Then walk down the stairs to the second floor (do not forget to pick up a sword again - with a flute bad fights).

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3. 2nd Floor

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1. Cabinet and dog

Go on, go around the pillar and kill one dog fireball. Then pick up the box, about which you asked the hostess. If you have a full inventory, get some sleep first and then eat a meal dragging the figure (right). Get used to move the character to the right of the subject or clothe him eat or drink. Conversely, moving portrait of the left hand to take the subject, so that it can then lay on the ground, drop into the distance, or use it (eg. The key to unlock the lock).

Now (if you have the gate opened on the first floor of the skull and not zombies) to return to the beginning of the first floor, give chest Hosting (walks up the stairs), and she will let you into the city. There you can buy, but probably still not have enough money, and especially in the inventory (which is why it might be wise to invest 300 gold to scrip, which added 12 locations to inventory - see leather goods in the description Caredbaru below) . Go back to the pub on the square and ask the hostess, whether you re-releases in the cellar. Go back to the second floor.

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2. of closing the gate and failed

Note two closed gates - we will return to them. Go down the corridor west to the crypt, where there are three tombs and two zombies. Get rid of them, pick up their things and then also pick up the skull. If you have a full inventory, you can throw away the box or some potions. The skull to return to the gate and go down the hall to the east. When you stand on the button appears to the right failed. Take a step back and click roll skull. Go left, where there is another button that closes the contrary, failed, and stand on it. Then you can go down button, which lies skull. Alternatively, you can bypass the column to the left and to the ends of the fallen from the other side. Then go back to the button that closes failed, step on it and teleport to a square between failed and a second button that opens it. Use teleport skip button and you can switch seamlessly through closed flopped. If you happen to collapsed rises enough to sleep through the portal and go back up.

Despite failed to continue farther south, where the corridor westward pull the lever (to open one of the gates to the palate). Go back a bit and the way east to get to the maze, where Kill the two zombies and dog. This should take you to the second level, and if you are properly invested in properties (with a preference for speed), the speed can be increased to 30 and have the two attacks per round.

In the corridor to the south Take the potion and then go to the post in the southwestern corner of the maze. On the west side of the press and the secret passage behind you pick up the shield and the food (you can throw a few potions, if you have a full inventory - by clicking on the pen in the map, you can write down where you are what you throw away). Shield pick up the sword together.

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3. Tombs and fell

Teleport back to the crypt, where there are three tombs (in the map and see lots of buttons). Continue down the hall until you get to a room full of traps. It was close button that can move the tomb. Go therefore into the crypt (teleport) and move the tomb from the northeast corner to northwest. Then move the other tomb from south to north, so that they are next to each other. Go (teleport) to the room failed, and go right where the button on the wall. Press it, which is on the other side opens a secret passageway. Go to the crypt and move the tomb so that they are in the northeast corner of the north and middle (the tomb of the northwestern corner move south, then 2 east and then north).

Go into the room failed, and go through the secret passage. Pull the lever and get behind the third tomb. Move it one square to the north and then east. Then tomb from the northeast corner to move the center of the room, creating a bridge across the room failed. Continue on through the room failed, pull the lever and kill the dog behind the gate. The room pick up and put your surcoat (armor).

Continue on and pull another lever. Discard the dog and zombies, and push the button on the wall right behind the gate. Behind secret walls in the room pick up the maneuver Shield - bounce. In the inventory drag it to the character and learn it. Thanks to this you can also attack with sword done yet repel shield (the two events in one attack), which throws the opponent back one space (so come on one event, she will have to go in the next round you). To use the maneuver, but you need mana, so when the manna will not be able to use the maneuvers. Then you need to fight click or press ESC to struggle continued. Always Attack weapons and then use only parry shield.

Continue down the corridor, pull the lever, kill the dog and pick up food (or let it be, inventory places are few and if you do not sleep much, so you do not need food). Farther down the corridor you find another lever, pull back, kill the dog and pick up the magic potion. Continue down the hall until the very end and pull the lever. Go to top floors of the gate, which is now open.

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4. moving walls

Go through the gate and walk around the column and notice the red door in the wall. Take one step into the hallway opposite the red door and they give you in the hallway. Note the marks on the walls. They are actually drawers that can be pulled out. So click through to the right until it ejects the drawer closest to you. Then take a step forward and click on the drawers to the left until it pops out drawer furthest from you. This blocks approaching the wall and you can go into the hallway to the right.

Continue down the hall and pick up the first room and then put on a shoes. Continue on, pull the lever and go through the gate. Go north, pull the lever and go back to the red door. Behind them (ie where it was originally), press the button on the wall. Again bypass the red gate on the way back and kill the two zombies. Continue newly opened route in the southwest corner of the map.

Kill two dogs and a zombie (stay in the hallway and wait on them) and continue on up the stairs to the third floor. First, make sure that you are carrying everything needed (potions, food, etc.) Because the third floor after a while you get!

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4. 3rd Floor

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1. Tombs

Walk over to the tombs and select one helmet and Gloves, which put on (if you have a force of at least 15, which I hope you have one). Also pick up another skull. When you continue down the hallway, overwhelms the east to the 2nd floor. Continue past the elevator (you may guess that this will be a way out, but now it can not be used) along the corridor and ignore all the buttons and levers! Walk up to the next room to the west, where the two tombs. Select it and get the money and the hammer (which need power 25 - because I was advised to focus on the strength of character). You can either use a combination of hammer + shield (you can reflect enemy), or hammer + sword to get twice as many attacks (later to get another sword maneuvers).

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2. Closed Dog

Continue down the corridor to the north and across the bridge (which soon collapses) to the door. The label on the left read, that can enter only one who comes in peace. So Vyházejte inventory all weapons (if you have not shopped in, so you have a sword and hammer) and the shield to the ground and stand in front of the door, which opens. Collect and equip a weapon again (the door has not closed) and go talk to the dog, which is actually a man, what you did in the intro robbed cloak because mistook you for a magician. When he explain the situation, adding to you and tells you that you need 5 more mages (so it was a total of 7, as legend and movies), and only then will be able to protect the village.

A dog can spell the Web (1 picks up an enemy attack) and real vision, which is very useful because it serves as an in-game help and help you solve puzzles to uncover or to alert you to hidden places (and also the need to fight with ghosts). The dog also can maneuver Multiple sek, which of course also teach your character (if you have a speed of over 30, it means that four sword wounds per round, plus two more hammer blows or shield). If you have the power over 25 and can therefore use a hammer and a sword, put his hand to shield the dog, who already has his sword in his hand.

Because you have two gang members, you can split. When you use during combat action move, moves with only one character and one remains standing. And the dog to step back and shoot fireball through its main character who will act as tank (brunt attacks and attacks from enemies). Or can a dog to retreat back to the flute and heal your fighter.

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3. Outside of the Crypt

Exit door of the room and kill three dogs, who appeared in the room to the south. Then go from the door to the east, where four kill zombies, and select from the money drawers. Also see Lance (two-handed weapon, I am not now be used) and the boards of the coffin. Go south to propadlému bridge and throw the plank on the hole. Go to the room with tombs and turn into the corridor to the west. Press the button and kill the dog. Press another button and kill another dog and zombies in the corridor further south. Home of the corridor to the east, press the button on the wall and kill two dogs. Continue on, pull the lever and kill the three zombies in a room behind the gate.

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4. Elevator

Walk over to the elevator and step on it. Swipe or mouse to the right over the portrait of a dog, which separates him from your hero and go left to the lever. Pull her a hero who stands on the elevator, exiting the first floor. Switch on him, you go to the right and pull the lever to send elevator back down. Switch to the other character who stayed downstairs and climb into the elevator. Switch back to the figure on the 1st floor and pull the lever. Stand with both magicians on one field and drag it over the portrait is reconnecting together. This procedure is often used in the game to solve puzzles where you need to perform various things in quick succession or at different locations.

Go down the hallway, pull the handle and walk up the stairs to the left, which takes you into town. If you have not done it yet, you must Hosting pass her a chest you find at the beginning of the second floor.

If your inventory has remained a skull, throw it in the square on the ground.

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2. Caredbar

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1. Purchases

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1. Purchases

The city serves as a center for the buying and selling unneeded equipment. Always sell with a character who has the highest Charisma, because the discount.

At the beginning, invest primarily in food and healing and mana potions, because the fight will be tough and will need to use potions during battle or sleep (for which you need food). Weapons and shields gradually find, so do not buy. Conversely Always try to find each type (sword, hammer, spear, crossbow, shield), leave at least one piece in case you need to use a maneuver to meet or facilitate the mission.

Armor power will reside (just what you already have magicians from each other), so you will need to purchase.

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2. Merchants and teachers

You begin in the square at the pub (through which you can go back to the crypt). Furthermore, the square Blacksmith where you can sell common gun, shields and Armour, a magician, in which you buy healing and mana potions, magical weapons and hole for magicians. Magical weapons are characterized by the fact that instead of strength and speed require higher Magic. When you have more money, you can buy a magician with chest (at the beginning of 1200 - 1500 gold and later may drop to 800 gold), which increases the inventory to the maximum. In the western corner of the square is then a musician, where you can buy Musical Instruments (most instruments, but you get the geeks, so it is not necessary to buy).

At the south gate stand three villagers who hire you and in which you will report to see all 6 magicians. A short distance away is the shop rolls (an allusion to the author of the game) where you can buy Food, you need to enable you to sleep in the wild (or generally spend longer time there). To the east of them (west of the southeast corner of the city) is a retailer of leather goods, where you can buy basic armor and base Cases, which increase the size of the inventory. Because prodejkyně has a low charisma, you can buy cheaper than at the blacksmith on the square. North of the southeast corner of the city is a sculptor who will be needed later in the game.

In the northeastern part of the city (in the alley with walls) is Prophetess, which you can pay and she will tell you where on the island of spells, maneuvers and songs. To the northeast, near the port is then draughtswoman map, from which you can buy for 500 gold island map and use it to quickly move between areas (by dragging icons magician). But I suggest to wait to resolve the swamp (second mission after the Crypt), because you get a character who is able to price uhádat 100 gold (using a reference to the original Gates of Skeldal).

To the north in the port, sailor, which you can pay 250 gold and he gets you to the ship, which is another mission. For this mission, but you can not go back, so I suggest you wait until you get alepoň 3 figures (ie after the swamps), and to really do is arm.

In the northwest corner at the harbor is a music teacher at which you can buy Songs or he can pay (around 800 gold), so you picked charisma to 30. The western gate is again fighting a teacher who will for about 700 gold can zvenout strength to 30 and speed 25 (which are those fundamentals to every mage could use a bit of decent weapons, shields and armor. Furthermore, since it can for 230 gold to buy maneuvers.

North of the music teacher's library, where you can (for a modest 550 gold) to ask for an increase to 30. This magic is suitable for the main character, if you have it, according to recommendations created as a warrior (and also for some pugnaciously focused mages). You can also buy Magic for 250 gold. When you have a second partner (from the Crypt), you can librarian to ask the witch that lives under the sea (one of the missions), and also to get charisma 44, you'll be able to be recruited to the party (with it but wait just to meet underwater missions).

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2. Skills

Maneuvers, spells and songs that are going to buy in, you will not find on missions, so you can buy them right at the beginning (except spells - see below).

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1. Spells

In the near librarian can buy some spells with useful information: spell Status enemy shows you how much the enemy lives and, later, what is the offense, defense and resistance. Automatic mapping will unveil in the neighborhood around the map magician - although not much, but later it may come in handy when will have more účinněk. Other spells will help in the fight with the enemy, if you use a weapon: fire weapons is effective for aquatic creatures living under the sea and the ice giants of the ice walls. Ice Attack is contrary handy enemies in the belly of the dragon. The last spell, Armour , works like magic armor and increases defense.

For spells fire weapons be careful. Enchants because only the first weapon to attack a shield or other weapon will not work. Not improved strategies for fighting with two weapons thus have first hand gun with a higher attack and in the second sword. First rundown fire weapons , then (in the next attack) attacked with a sword in the other hand (the 2 or second icon) and select Sek uncover thereby reducing the enemy's defenses and ultimately strike first arms ( several times by check with a sword or a primary attack with others) that will be strengthened as reduced defenses and fiery attack.

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2. Songs

Music teacher at the port of selling three songs that you will not find anywhere else: Cornucopia allows you to feed the magicians, and so you will not have to carry food (except underwater missions). The fear does not allow the enemy to get closer to the magician, which is useful if you want to focus on the use of magic, and you do not use melee weapons. The downside is that a lot of enemies are immune and act on them starts up at higher levels. The song Picker then improves items and money that fall from enemies. It is good to play whenever an enemy weaken - identifying the right time to help spell Status enemy. The downside is that you need the violin, which themselves are quite expensive and so is investment to start the game worthwhile.

The songs are out of combat activated by walking. It is therefore necessary to start playing and then move. Beware of songs like Cornucopia and regeneration that quickly deplete mana playing magician. But usually just do one or two steps and then stop playing because it is already completed and others not playing účinnek.
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3. Maneuvers

Master fight you can learn one maneuver for each type of weapon. It fits into the beginning, if you choose a character to focus on a particular weapon. Vortex (master teaches him the name Sek in all directions) allows you to attack the sword to all enemies around him. crushing blow works like magic Spider Web - if you hit an opponent with a hammer or mace, stun him and he loses one attack. shot up more pages is the same as for other weapons - a bow or crossbow attack multiple enemies at once. Draw Point is the same as the magic bullet - in addition to the enemy before you hit the spear and another opponent standing behind him. Pranic is a stronger version of the maneuver bounce shield, which you could find in the crypt, and acts as attacks on several sides.

Attacks on several sides have a first-level effect on the enemy in front of you and on the left - which may seem absurd, why not that right? But when we think about it, so if you need to hit the enemy in front of him and one to the right of you, just turn right and suddenly you attack the enemy in front of you and the other left. This is the hidden logic of these attacks. Hlavní menu

3. Swamp

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1. Troll

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1. Preparation

To get into the swamp, you have to kill trolls. You can do it in two, but it will be a tough fight. Alternatively, you can go first on the boat and troll go in three, but I would say it is more difficult option. Purchases is a lot of healing potions and mana (minimum 3 + 3 for each) with a magician on the square and then some clothes for dog (at least armor and gloves) for furriers (southeast corner of the city). I recommend equip your sword mage and a dog (either a shield or a sword + two swords) to use the maneuver Multiple cut. Also, you can buy a bag that you had taken more potions and later stuff you find in a swamp. In rolls can still buy some food and leave the city east gate.

Get some sleep and eat (check saturation on-screen character's inventory). Take the path through the woods to the east still ahead until you see a stone bridge. Remember to save the game and then go to the bridge. He climbs on him troll that you can kill a few punches (his attacks for 10 to 40 lives and your characters have probably 40 to 60 lives).

Hlavní menu

2. is necessary to kill a troll

The Troll can kill you with just a few punches, because of his attacks are at 25-50 lives and your characters have probably 40 to 60 lives. It is therefore necessary to have some character armor, shield or armor before battle revealed. This can reduce injuries by up to half (i.e. 0-25). If the armor is only one, you can split and let stand in front of one who gets it all interventions (and can attack weapons) and the other will stand behind him and just cast spells. If you have a character equipped with hammers and know how crushing blow, just use this maneuver with two magicians (or what is on the front). When they run out of mana, drink the potion and go on the attack. If you have any other weapons, you need as soon as possible, cast a spell cobweb that it takes away one attack. Charm can be found under the icon tree. The dog can cast your main character probably not, because they must have Level 5 and magic at least 22.

Here it is worth noting that when a magician opens the inventory, you can switch to other magicians and also to change equipment or let them drink potions. In doing so, no matter who makes many events in inventory, still consumes only one action mage who opened the inventory. Sure you're dragging a potion at the figure on the right - dragging a portrait left him discard the contrary !!!

Spell on an enemy (place) gathered by the displayed map by clicking on the box where it stands (red dot). But there is no need to click directly on it, because the spell that you cast on an enemy or a place (except for storms ) always galvanizing the nearest enemy (of course a certain distance). It may come in handy later when you can cast spells on the enemy, even if the mage him stand on and see it on the map. In the mobile version, then throws it to the fact that you do not hit exactly, but just click somewhere around an enemy.

With the second troll mage to Attack the strongest you have - maneuvers a weapon, or Fireball. With speeds of 30, and two swords Multiple CHEQUE can have your main character to 8 attacks per round! If the troll manages to strike before you cast the cobwebs or use crushing attack, click on the icon purses and drink the potion lives to hurt magician died. Once you see the troll under gone green cobweb reconvened spell cobweb. If you run out of mana, so you can not cast spells or use maneuvers to open the inventory and drink a potion of mana.

It is crucial to strike a crushing or used the net as often as possible (can cast a fireball if cobweb still exists, and its re-cast it would not make sense), and your character can sustain life in the maximum. Troll to kill (it has 150 lives, which can check magic of status of enemy from a sorceress in), get his gold coins and walk into town to buy potions that you have used. Then return to troll bridge, go over it and go left. Turn north and go through the wall to the swamp. Do not forget to sleep and possibly eat after a fight with a troll.

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2. Undead

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1. Skeletons and necromancer

In mobile version this part is paid.

The swamp is teeming with undead skeletons and a necromancer. Fixed land on which you walk is marked on the map. While you can take a step into the swamp, but the next step must be back on solid ground, otherwise you will drown - even if it makes up just one of the characters (the others stay in the swamp and drown). But you can use to fight with the skeletons, because they do not fit the swamp. So when you enter into a swamp (before the fight, so did all the characters at once) in a place where there is only one adjacent path (not the corner), you will be able to attack only one skeleton. Conversely, if the skeletons to use bounce shield, and behind it is a swamp, you do not drown and kill him (his belongings remain on the ground and you can still collect).

If you encounter a necromancer, try to be as fast as possible to kill Fireball (enough for her two; max. Four, if they are weak), because otherwise it will continually reviving another skeleton (may cast only 3 at a time, but once one kill, cast further). But this can be a great place for so. grinding - the repeated killing of relatively weak skeletons gain experience (125XP for each), and items that you can sell (10 - 20 gold for his sword and shield). When you run out of space in your inventory, simply through the swamp teleport back to the east (via the place where a special way of moving, for example. Creeper or spars, teleport does not work) and go to town to sell stuff. Do not worry, objects left lying on the ground, and when you move away. Conversely hole nekromantek try to sell, because at the end of the swamps get a character that can sell expensive so sell only what you need to resupply food and potions. The rest quietly throw the square on the ground.

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2. Spars and a bridge across the marsh

Go straight, walk around the tree to the right, then around the stump and kill a few skeletons. Go to the easternmost projection with a bent tree and notice the vines from his pendulous. Join the swamp toward him and click on the vine. This swings the other way. Go on, kill the necromancer, grab maneuver Shields - cut edge (which allows you to attack and a shield, so it can attack and mage, who holds a stick necromancer and shield) and two spars. Go back to the vine, click on it and swings back.

Go to the north end of the field and ahead (north) you will see a large tree that can beat that to encounter him (like when you go through the wall). Walk through it and continue north to the gate guarded by a necromancer. Kill her - best way to enter into a swamp near a tree south of it and send it to a few fireball. Past the gate go east and pick up the stump with the third spar.

Go to the gate and follow the wooden path to the west. At the end of the necromancer get rid of the west, and then you try to remotely kill a necromancer and two skeletons on the north (across the swamp). Go westernmost what it is, and you'll notice a tree on the north (to help spell True Vision, which appears in the tree help). Stand up to him from the west and three holes in it, insert poles. You can then go north.

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3. necromancer

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1. Two blue stones

Collect stuff (or kill enemies) and follow the road to the point where it is in the north hollow tree inside it is visible portal (this is the very first major patch, where the necromancer). Several times in the tree rovings weapons and then enter the portal. Go north and get rid of skeletons. Pick Maneuver blancheons - cut uncover, which increases your attack and reduces enemy defenses for more attackers. Go farther north and pick up the two blue stones. Go back to the stump in the south, go east and then north to the portal, which will pass.

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2. necromancer village

From tree to teleport go east to the village (cluster of huts). Cross the bridge to the north and kill two necromancer. Go to the bridge is pushed to the east and left him to climb over a swamp on the wooden walkway. After him go south, get rid of a necromancer and click on the skull near the bridge. This triggered a bridge back into the village.

Go back to the village from the west and note the northern edge of the swamp. At one point in the swamp stunned two small balls. Enter between them and the map will show you a hidden way. So go through the swamp to the north and then east (follow the map) until you get back on solid ground with a wooden bridge to the north. First bumps into a hollow tree in the east, creating a bridge back into the village.

Go north across the bridge and kill the necromancer and skeletons - best so that lying on the wooden walkway to the west and you will attack them from afar or go inside the swamp and will precipitate skeletons from the gallery. Besides the hut's skull, which you bridge the east. Scroll him from afar and get rid of two nekromantek the north. Use the skull and go to the bridge. Right behind the hut pick a song Recovery (restores mana), you can play two magicians at once and improve the effect (for that, but you have to buy a violin).

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3. Bridge of lilies

Continue north across the bridge and walkway and get rid of all the skeletons. Among the plants can pick up two lily. You can throw into the swamp and use it as a bridge. But leaves quickly wither and so lasts only a few steps away. Use is therefore to create a bridge to the south away from most southern lily and then walk to the hollow tree that you can beat. Walk through it and go down the walkway to the west. Note the crows sitting on a tree on the north - shoot fireball at them and knock down as another hollow tree. Go to the island and go west to hangmen.

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4. Hangmen and bridges

One of the hanging into the eyes two blue stones (see above task) and click it to turn around. This will launch one of the bridges. Run the north and ungroup. With one stay with the hanging, you can rotate them and others go through the North Bridge. Then turn the hanged man and run the bridge to the west. The second person to continue along the wooden walkway to the hut, where talk of witches Styn.

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5. Witch Styn

Styn to you automatically adds and teach you magic magical disease (acts like a poison) and Magic missile (piercing attack) and also the song Moses (underwater breathing - the need for underwater mission, you need trumpet) and Defence spell (increase defense; you need a pipe or violin). Also has an inventory pipe, you need to play their songs. Styn also has a high Charisma (even if it does not) and can thus sell expensively and buy cheaply.

Use the skull at the hut and across the bridge to return to hangmen you put a bunch together again.

Teleport to spars and then back to the city where using Styn sell necromantic staffs and earn a few thousand.

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4. Ship

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1. Sailors

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1. Preparations

Before going to the next mission, prepare well. From the mission you will not be able to return so much in shopping potions and some food, too, so you can sleep. If you have three magi, should be enough for every 4 blue and 2 red potions. If you have only two magicians, take about twice as much. Buy dogs (and Styn) some clothes (preferably at furriers, where it is cheap). Meals should be enough for about 6-8 pieces for the whole gang. Or, if you have a thousand useless (no Styn 1500), you can buy the song cornucopia and a lute, so instead of food, you will be able to strum. Compared with buying food that is 10 much, but it's a good investment for the future.

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2. Crew

First, go to the pub on the square and ask the guest if they know of anyone who would have you thrown. We advise you to ask in the harbor. Go north of the city and talk to the sailor who stands on the western pier. On the boat you get with Styn quite easily, because thanks to his charisma convince a sailor, you're seasoned sailors and can serve in the crew. Styn If you have not, you must pay 250 gold. It can handle the ship in two, but will need a lot of potions and tactics.

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3. Get out of the cell

On the boat you will find that your main character is in a cell on the first deck, while the rest of the gang is the 3rd deck. At the bottom of the cell, turn around and notice the damage to the hull. Blow into his arms fireball or shoot (keep the character portrait or press Enter to bring up hostilities). The ship tilted to release the main character (the ark in the cell opposite the shattered door).

Go out of the cell and the corridor still farther north to the door at the end. Lever is open and wait until the half turn on the other side of the room, or will pass in the middle. Go to the hatch on the ground and through him to the half-turn to move, click to open it. This will get rid of half turn without a fight and you can pick up his belongings. Be careful to not fall into a pit yourself!

Collected one key, roll into a hole under the hood and switch to the other characters. Key fell through a hole in the third deck behind bars. There is no problem of him through the bars to collect and unlock them (in inventory to move the key to the character portrait and then click on the lock).

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4. together again

From his cell in the 3rd floor, go left (south) and pick up the room to the right mattress. Go down the hallway and remain standing outside the door of the cell where you were locked up. Put the mattress on the floor (if you do not know where, toss with the main character in a pit půlobrovo hammer and a mattress on it). The main character jump into the pit and fall to the mat. Connect bunch together (by dragging over the portrait).

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2. third deck

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1. slaver

Note horned slavers that goes at the end of the hallway with the door open (to the north of you), and begins to hurl fireball. If you're lucky, you kill it before it can blow a call for help (if not, you have to defeat several half-turn). Pick up his two keys and otrokářův corner, which you can use at any time with a half turn and killing them gain experience, hammers and one key (that but now you need indeed only one, so you do not have to collect more).

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2. hole in fuselage

In the room where the slaveholder, pick up the barrel of tar and go back to his cell. Use a barrel to a hole in the hull, allowing it to correct and straighten the ship again.

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3. Keys for the way out

If you did not get one key by half turn at a slaver, you will have to summon. Stand on one of the platforms, which are located in the third deck and inventory drag otrokářův corner on the character, so use it. Kill two half turn (a dodging shield and metejte Fireball, is also useful spell cobweb) and pick up their keys. Attack half turn has one unpleasant property that is highly likely immobilize one of the characters, so you will not be able to attack. So try not to have any opportunity to attack. Due to their NiZn speed but it usually is not a problem and always get the option is bounce before the attack.

Go to the door in the southern part of the hold and sleep and eat. Then unlock the door. In other areas there are several half-turn and another slaver with a horn. If you're lucky, you catch him as he walks past the door and you'll be able to kill them before they summon reinforcements. If not, you have to fight with multiple half-turn. Walk over to the first crossroads and Nalákejte to one half turn. Fireball Metejte after them, and when they get to you, move back into the hallway, so you could not encircle. Then use them alternately with the uncovering Sek (reduce their defense) and bounce shield (throws them back, so they could not be attacked), and, of course, constantly metejte Fireball and possibly cobwebs. If half turn (or even a slaveholder) stand up for themselves so that they are from you in one line, throw them Magic shot (ie if you Styn) and hurt them all at once (although Fireball should be a little stronger).

If it is still alive slaver, but gradually try to fight their way into the room to the right, which is the platform on which summons a half turn. As quickly as possible, then kill him (should suffice two Fireball) and discard the rest of the half-turn.

Go through the door to the south (because you had them laminated hole in the fuselage to open). Get some sleep and come out the stairs to the second deck.

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3. second deck

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1. How to get upstairs?

In this deck are two slavers and several half-turn. Stand near the stairs and wait until you approach the half-turn. Fireball kill him and then go north into the room to the left, where there are two slavers. Try to kill them from a distance before summoning reinforcements. Collect their keys and horns and go to the room in the southwest. Here kill the next two and a half turn out of bed pick up the song order of battle. If you start to play the drum, it will reduce the speed of the enemy, so you can kill before it can do something.

two keys, you can open the room in the northwest, where there are three more half-turn. Another half turn can cause platform through the corner. Trolls appear numerous (about 6), but throughout the deck, so you can kill gradually and peacefully between sleep well.

Then go to the northeast corner, where two keys, unlock the door, behind which there are stairs to the first deck.

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4. first deck

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1. Elevator

As soon as you climb up, combat begins with a half-turn, which is more or less closed. Shield it reflects and then kill him Fireball. Pull the lever to get into the room with sunken.

Open one of the doors on the east and west by two keys and go to the north. Try to always lure half turn to the south than to attack them, because in the northern room is slaveholder (the captain) and summoned the reinforcements. Once you fight your way to the north, quickly kill the slavers and the platforms go into the alcove to the right (East). On the south wall is a chain, pulling the door open. Go back to the south and the newly open door, pick up the lever to lift.

Jump into collapsed (if you leave a mattress on the spot) or go up the stairs to the third deck (just teleport from the stairs to the stairs). In the southwest corner put into the control lever and two members enter the elevator. The third member pulls a lever and sends them up. There you can talk to slave dirt.

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2. Dirt

This game has a strange sense of names. Slave Dirt is actually a magician who will join you and teach you to spell Connection (teleporting party members to the magician who had sent down) and also the maneuvers Revived gun (great sword of the enemy, then it pulls back), Multi-shot (it is perhaps obvious) and Long point, pull with (you can attract the enemy, whom you had repelled the shield). These are skills that fit that Dirt has in inventory spear and crossbow. Also, a tambourine, on which you can play a song that you found in the second deck.

After finishing system will automatically return to Caredbaru. Sell ​​all half turn hammers (with Styn) and should earn anything between 2 and 3 thousand (depending on how many half-turn was subsequently invoked). I suggest you buy if you do not already have 700 gold song cornucopia and a lute or violin (Styn can be bought for about 350 gold) - then to not need to bring food. And if you still do not have a map, now is a good time to go for a mapařkou and buy a map of the island for the 100 gold.

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5. The sea bottom

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1. Underwater

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1. Preparation

This mission can be met only after they get Styn that teaches you the song of Moses. Whether you go there right after the swamps, or first go elsewhere, it is up to you.

On the water monsters it is best to use fire spells - a fireball. In the library, but you can buy magic fire weapons , which lets you attack weapons, while also causing fire damage (making him highly recommend if your main character rather fighter). It also will throw a spear, you have either of crypts or dirt (if you have both sold, some buy). Spears give the best of dirt that with him could quite well (thanks to your dexterity) deal. Monsters underwater attack using poison, so by buying stocks magician vials of antidote (looks like a skull).

Tip: The water is a little difficult to render, so if your game does not run completely smoothly, go to Settings to reduce the quality views one point (ie medium or minimum).

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2. Into water

Come out of the eastern gate and go through the troll bridge and then right to the south. Walk to the water, where you can find on the banks of the gate (just west of the second gate that leads into the water, but now I'm talking about the East). Walk through it and you will find yourself under water.

This part is paid in the mobile version.

There is a need to have one of the magicians picked up the trumpet (as even the weakest pipe is needed charisma 20, probably can use it only Styn), all the while playing the song Moses . It also eliminates the possibility of underwater sleep (but luckily you can teleport, so just go out on the land). You also can not use any other songs, because you can play only one (albeit with more mages). During the fight, then you have to remember that the magician who plays must still continue playing, so you have all the events click on the keep playing (on the keyboard, just press one ). The magician but may move during gameplay, so you can keep the balloon around the combatants, even when they go behind the enemy. But be careful not to be outdistanced too far, because then it would begin to drown. And of course you need to keep in mind that even the songs consume mana, so you have to constantly check the status of playing mana potions, and mage. You do not have to worry about playing a mage will receive the experience of struggle - on the contrary, will receive the experience of having played so will improve simply by walking on the seabed.

The Moses (like all skills) has three levels, which determine how large area fills the air. At the same time, this means that more powerful versions will be wasting mana. So if you want to save, before playing the songs hold the icon and choose the weakest version (one point). On a more powerful version, you can switch to combat marine pannamy that it will weaken (see below). After the fight, mages to connect together again to switch to the weakest version, otherwise wasting mana within a few minutes and you walk just a little bubble.

Early on left maneuver is Pole - attracting from all sides , which is a strong point with the renewal period, pull, which you learned Filth (this is an alternative in case you do not have dirt). Do not forget to teach him thus.

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3. Jellyfish

Another way is blocked by jellyfish . Do not try to be attacked because it ignores the attacks and spells reflected back. But when it came together with True Vision , the game will tell you that jellyfish feed on glowing spheres . That unfortunately is not here, so you have to climb back out of the water. Go west and go through a second gate into the water. Start again play Moses to go forward.

Now you come across a crab man. He has two different attacks. If you stand close to you, they attack their strong legs, which is not pretty, but it's not a problem (I hope you have a supply of red potions). If there is among you but one field blank (which is the distance at which triggers the fight), used to attack their moray eels, which can cause poison damage (even if it's just a superstition that eels are poisonous). The poison is quite weak (1-2 lives per round), but in the long term can cause problems - the fact remains active even after the fight during walking and even during sleep. What is needed in due time (preferably after the fight) to apply the antidote. Be careful that the crab man can use a Moray Eel attack despite your tanks (fighters standing by him) and intervene magicians behind them. To kill the crab man collect his gold coins (around 300), which is enough to buy more potions.

Go always to the east (ie straight), be careful not to pit in the floor (yes, even the sea has multiple floors), and walk up to the blue color of the plant. Stand up to her and grab her by clicking shining fetus . Go back, get out of the water and go back to the east gate to which input.

Stabbing shining fetus on the harpoon in front of you (at the beginning of the map) and wait until the Swim jellyfish feed. Then bypass it right and walk to the intersection. Here you have to kill two crab man.

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4. Abyss

If you got beaten a lot, go back to sleep ashore. Continue to water the east, where crab kill another man, and walk to the other jellyfish. Backtrack and intersection take the north and then east. Kill the crab and the man in the water stream waiting two mermaids. They are so dangerous because when they get out of the water (in a bubble, which creates the Moses), fall to the ground and show his true form. In the water they are a bit more dangerous because they have two attacks per round so do not use them to repel shield and instead is trying to attract using spears or by playing a mage you step forward. Another of their attack will be described in the next paragraph.

Around the stream you can still go through, because Moses flow stops. Go straight north (to the right of the hole) and kill two more crab man. Walk up to the abyss and see if you see two mermaids that float above it. If you start to struggle, beware. Virgo is your might to pull one field. If you like this comes up over the edge, you fall down and you have to fight your way back up. Conversely, if the maiden floats above an abyss, but gets into a bubble Moses, she falls down, thus ending the struggle.

This fight with swimming and falling virgins you a clue how to get across the chasm - you fall in the air, but in water you could swim across the gulf. But make it possible, you'll need to use a water jet (magi is not strong swimmers). Go therefore to the crossroads, where the water flows eastward and go to the Abyss (ie, to the southern part).

Note: You will need a larger amount of healing and mana potions without the possibility to return to the east and in them to buy. If you already run out, rather teleport to the east and then go into the city to buy - killing crab men have just earned 2-3 thousand so enough new supplies. Remember that mana potions fall of mermaids, so they do not need so much. On the other hand, a large part of virgins after killing the precipice falls to the 2nd floor, so get them now.

Click on the green icon to the right of the pause II , so that the music stops playing and you'll be swimming in the water. Fortunately, all wizards are able to hold his breath for a few laps, so thanks to a stream of water can go (to swim) on the other side of the abyss. Click on the icon again and rerun music. Go east and then north past the abyss. Pick another shining fetus and go farther east. Put the fruit on the harpoon in the north and wait for jellyfish. When you're blocking the path, go west, past the gorge to the south and at the intersection farther south and east. At the next junction turn to the north, past the next harpoons and turn right to the east.

Get rid of crab two men and two mermaids and go south to the next precipice. Make sure that all mages have enough lives, because they will have to sacrifice a few. Here's one last chance to shock the west of return over the gap and go to town to buy potions!

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5. Merry-go-round

Stop playing music and sail the protrusion on the left (in the east - let drift). Play that everyone could breathe and kill the mermaid that swims around. Then take a step to the south, stop play and swim west. Again, start playing, and possibly heal wounds from drowning. Go to the southwest end of the ledge (be careful of the hole) and wait for a mermaid. Pull back so you can not lose weight, and kill her Fireball. Then go south again to the edge, stop play and swim south. When you stand back, start playing, go south and kill the third doll.

At the edge, turn off the music and swim south. Turn the music up, inhale, turn it off and move forward to let go with the flow. Once you have again ground, turn on the music, go east to the edge again, turn off the music and sail the east. Here, grab maneuver Large Shield that lets you shield to protect all mages at once (at the same patch).

Go north, turn off the music and enjoy the cruise north, then west and south - it's already way you once swam. Of course whenever you see the ground beneath their feet, turn on the music for a while, so you can breathe. Once you get completely to the south, let the current carry back a bit to the north. Then take one step to the east and sail the corridor to the south.

Kill the crab man and pick up another shining fetus . Go south and put it on the harpoon in the west. Move back into the corridor to the north and wait until the jellyfish feed. Then proceed farther south. In the room to the right (west) Take more fruit and go east.

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6. Underwater Lucias

In the room, talk to the sorceress Lucias that to you from the beginning, although not want to add, but you can work together to convince. Teach you how to spell Ice Blood (decreases enemy's resistance to attacks) and track resistance magic (reduces damage from magic attacks), acceleration (increases the speed figures and therefore the order of battle) and Genius (enhances the experience gained from combat - may play up to 3 mages suddenly and enhance the experience up to 300%). The inventory has Lucias antidote Violins (in hand) and Kvinteru (like a guitar) - this allows you to play tracks with more advanced magicians at once. Also it has high magic and charisma, so you can use it to play songs or cast powerful spells (since inception can fireball on the third level).

After the end of the conversation again start playing Moses to drown magicians, and go back west and north to shining fetus. From him go east and put the fetus on a harpoon. Stroll around jellyfish, go farther east, kill the two men and crab in the room to pick up further north fetus. Go farther east, put the fetus on the second harpoon around the jellyfish to get to the exit, so you can sleep and buy potions.

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7. Illustrious Glenead

In the city go to the library (to the north and west of the square). First, make sure that none of the mages need to increase the magic - you are killing the crab vidělali thousands of men (and still more viděláte), so you can afford to spend 550 gold, even if it only be necessary to increase the magic out of 25 on the 30th

Then switch to the Glenead Lucias and ask to join you also added. This will also learn all the spells that sold (so if you have not bought it yet, so you just saved). The equipment has chest (full inventory size and Powerful magic stick). Her magic is 54 (plus stick it increases to 84), so you can even cast the strongest spell.

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8. Water cleaning

Now you can go back into the water and head to the second floor where you lurk crab men and mermaids - which can kill purely for experience and money.

On the first floor, go to the south east, away from him a bit east and then south. Give shining fetus (if you do not, somebody grab) speargun to the west and go north. Up until around cuts through jellyfish, go east, get rid of crab men and maidens, go to the southeast corner and walk down the stairs down.

Go north and kill the crab man and mermaids. Continue east and south, where you can go to the first floor, but there's nothing there. Go therefore back to the second floor of the East Sea.

From the south east you go a bit east and then north, where there are stairs to the second floor. Nothing there but it's not and it's just east of the pit. Teleport So the stairs, which are just east of the northern exit of the sea and go down. Go north and kill the crab men and a virgin. Then come back and go east, where another crab man and a mermaid. Then go back to the first floor.

Go to divide the north and swimm east. Go north and then east to keep up the stairs to the second floor. Walk down, go south and kill the crab man and mermaids. Then go west and north to bypass the entire region and return to the stairs to the first floor from which to teleport to the abyss and to the west across the northern stream Swim across to the west.

Then teleport to the east, discard the remaining glowing fruit, and go to town.

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6. Ice Walls

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1. Zmrlíci

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1. Preparation

Icy plains area has no limits and you can use it for training between missions. The lower amount of weak mages but the problem may be killing the giants (on normal difficulty, each 300 lives), so I suggest you wait until you meet a few missions.

On the icy plains must go before a mission in the belly of the dragon. To survive inside the dragon, you have to get something that will protect you from the heat. And where better to look than on the icy plains. On the plains, you can sleep in peace and singing songs to complement lives, many meals and so there is no need to equip many potions and food. Additionally, you can decide when you fight and well prepared. Shop for that is only a few potions for sure and if some better weapons and equipment. When shopping but remember that killing the giants no money to make a profit, so it would be wise to get some leave later you can buy potions to other missions.

If you do not spell fire weapons and weapons to attack you, be sure to buy it in the library, because it will help you kill the giants.

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2. Giants

City exit south or west gate and go south and then west. Enter the tower and you will find yourself in the glacier area.

Here are the walls of frozen ice giants, which is best to kill using the Fire Arms and fireball. On the contrary, they are completely immune against spells water element and also against cobweb. Also, you can help one of the songs on increasing the speed or defense. Ice giant wake up so that you stand in front of him on one square away and gathered fireball, bringing it directly injure. But if the figure frozen in a narrow hallway, you have to stand close to him and punch him weapons. Tou him, although now not hurt, but also will prevent the fireball bounced up to you.

The problem occurs when the giant's attack succeeds, because the attack may have weak mages strength over 50 lives, which can kill with one blow. So it is best to build two warriors with shields the giant, and other magicians are on the sides of one square away from him, or one field as champions. When he slams into a giant warrior weapons, it wakes up and throws it on one field or back to the side (if you stand close to him and had nowhere to climb). Warriors can then hitting into a giant flaming weapons using maneuvers and mages it can from the side or from behind bombard Fireball. Mages playing songs can stand by and not have to participate directly in combat.

When you kill a giant ice, left over after body you pick. Once there, you will have at least one more than you geeks (you expect to get another dragon mage who may need it), go to town and you do not want them to produce armor. In total there are 12 giants in the map and if you can not find them, cast a spell Status enemy , and over every giant table appears with information.

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3. Ice Armor

Go to the city as a sculptor who lives a short distance from the southeast corner of the city (on the shield has a chisel and a hammer head). Talk to him and ask if they can work well with ice. If you do not have the option of TOTU, simply try again, or a different character.

This gives you the option of dialogue to ask him to bodies from the icy giant made Ice Armor. Repeat for each request, the body that you have. To transform any body armor, the champion is again immersed in his work and it will not longer be able to cancel.

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7. Dragon bowels

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1. Heat

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1. Preparation

Once you have enough Ice Armor (number of mages + 1 extra for the new guy you will find), wear them all magicians. Armor covers the entire body, so while not wearing a helmet, gloves or boots. And neither does the armor adds no defense. The only defense is the speed and the shield, so I recommend two (or three) combatants (those who have the most lives) to equip shields. Another defense can get from some musical instruments (particularly from the military and bodhran drum).

Of the monsters drop in the dragon's only gold coins, so you do not need inventory space. So you can take all the icy armor, you have a sufficient supply of potions and musical instruments.

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2. Dragon Head

City exit east gate and teleport to the coast, where the entrance to the sea. Go west through the water gates and walk to the dragon's head. Enter it and move on.

Go straight and take the electric trident (which is not a weapon, as it would seem). Piece go back, go north and farther west. I recommend to cast a spell Status enemy, because before you in the land climbs fiery worm and this spell will reveal him. Although the worm starts a fight, you will not be able to attack him while in the country. Climbs out of the country only during the first or second round. This will fortunately gives little time to prepare the deployment of mages and defensive spells and songs, because the worm can attack all magicians at once, if it stands on the field before him.

Pull back, therefore all mages except one, which is able to resist the attack (ie. Has a shield and most life), so that the worm can only attack on it and get to the others. Or, if there is a place, while one mage take a step forward. Mage front should be used as quickly as possible maneuver large shield and then every turn to defend until the worm did not come out. Until that is done, directly attacking pretty devastating attack. If you still have second magician with a shield, you can pull it forward until after the worm climbs to get hit first strong attack (can save lives). This gives you two magicians who can attack him from close range (see below). If the first magician tires (run out of lives) may take a step back and let the front second magician who cop to the initial attack.

At worm does not pay ordinary weapons or fire spells. Well it performs ice attack, but which always attacks field before the magician, so he can not shoot from the back row - to cast him thus had only that one magician (or two), which prevents others from attacks his body. The only other option would be to lure the worm, where it can attack from multiple sides (a few times to be given the opportunity). Effective but are more spells as Magic Disease (hurts him continually, so you just met once, on the other hand, hurts the early rounds, so if the worm sort out quickly using the speed, loses sense), ice blood (reduced his resistance and takes a few rounds - gathered him as soon as climbs) and magic bullet (which can be fired from a distance). Also, it can stiffen cobweb (but only after he comes out and makes the first attack). On the mage standing in front of a worm (at a time when the worm in the country) Conversely, you can cast a spell armor, compensating for the lack of armor (lasts until the end of the fight, and appears as an icon on the portrait of the character).

At the beginning of the fight would surely two magicians had to start playing obrannyschopnost with the option of switching to the songs that are played on the same instrument, ie regeneration that others can cast spells without drinking potions, speed, you can play up to 3 mages and give to others much more assaults (up to 5 per round) compared to worms and so it quickly kills without his long fight back, and at the end of the fight (if you sent down < em> Status enemy), the song Genius, which will increase the experience of killing. Change songs done by first clicking on the music icon to the left of the portrait of an active character, then select another song from the battle menu. The speed but eventually begin until after the worm comes out, because otherwise they would climb up to the end of the second round and you just waited in vain. The worm has relatively few lives, making him a few rounds to kill (especially after using the Ice Blood). Then do not forget to collect gold coins that drop out.

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3. Belly of the Dragon

The doors are closed before you and go to the south and east, where the use electric trident on the blue line in the wall. By doors open and continue west. Kill another worm, go south and kill the worm in the third room to the west. Here is a handy automatic mapping cast a spell to get an overview of how they are organized trips inside the dragon. Then go into the corridor leading south to east and kill the fourth worm. At the end of the fiery fountain, which he rises, you dragon on the back (which is a 2nd floor).

On the upper floor, turn west and run into another enemy - fire elemental. In fact, it looks like a flock of swallows and burning is not much of a problem to kill him from afar using the magic bullets (especially if you play speed). And even close is not so dangerous, when it prepare with large shield and armor. The only problem is that like a worm attack all mages at once, so it's best to stick to one again mage forward. Kill him closely ice with blood and ice storm but it is a breeze (and a magician's enough, supported by others standing behind him). Since it is so easy to kill him, so the elemental crashes or money no object. At the end of the short hallway to jump into the pit and fall back again into the abdomen, near the springs.

Now you need to explain how they work those blue veins on the walls, which open the door. What is the dragon just passing through the esophagus and reach his stomach. What it looks like a door, so they are the esophageal sphincter (the unwanted opening may cause in humans called. Heartburn) and the blue lines on the walls (which neohnivá part of the spine) are therefore connected to nerves sphincter. A while ago found a fountain could therefore be equivalent to a ruptured ulcer and fire worms are parasites who lived in the dragon.

When you touch a nerve electric trident, charges and then opens the attached sphincter. Charging takes but a moment, and then again sphincter closes. So if you now want to return to the city, you have to go into the corridor leading middle east and charge nerve blue trident. To proceed further you need to go into the opposite chobdy west and one charge of nerves (both perform the same function). This will open the sphincter in the northwest, but not for long enough to catch it pass (the game temporarily shuts teleportation, so it's also not the most). Do it accordingly so that all magicians remain standing at the lip and one you trident, separating him and go with him to the nerves. You can choose the mage who serves as a musician, because it does not matter where it plays a nerve, it's not so far that it mattered. According to the description, it is probably clear that under the flap waiting two worms that you have to kill, you can go through. Once the flap opens, go through it with one magician who has a shield and prepare to fight. Do not go away and stay with flaps. To force the worms come up to you and, ideally, to stand up for themselves, so they work magic bullet. Other magicians who stayed in front of the flap (and the one at the nerve) can start playing and get ready to fight. If you do it right, it should not be a problem to kill both worms.

After the fight, go through the flap and the other magicians pending before it and to get together the last magician casts a spell Connection.

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4. Dragon stomach

Now you're in the stomach, where they are on earth fiery pools (similar to gastric juices) - you may guess that rise to them would mean certain death (though not entirely, but it will learn later - yet they avoid).

Go farther west until you see so elemental him from afar rid of. Farther west is closed flap, and then go south and kill the two worms (they can hide in a room in the east). Go to the southwest, around another springs (way up - yet ignore) to the room (it could be the pancreas), which is a worm and elemental. Get rid of them and return to spring. Enter it, go north and then east, where in the room, kill two elementals. Go to the crossroads, go down the corridor to the west. Jump into the pit that gets you behind closed flap.

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5. Alternative way through the flap

From the spring to return to the corridor heading north. To the left (west) is a passage in which 3 nerves. With one magician who has a trident, stay at the westernmost nerve and the others go to flap in the northwest. Before her, but it is fiery puddle (probably similar to dragon duodenum, popularly called the duodenum, where the mouth of the outlet from the pancreas and bile duct), so it (yet) upon. Take a magician (preferably with high magic) and put him into a reserve inventory Ice Armor. Then separated from the others and stand on the fiery puddle. This will dissolve his armor, but so far it does not hurt puddle. So quickly open its inventory and put his spare armor. Then just take a further step away from the puddle that had dissolved and second armor that protects him from the heat. Now you have one mage behind the flap so you can quickly cast a spell Connection.

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6. Dragon intestine

Now you have one mage behind the flap so you can quickly cast a spell Connection, then a fighter again, unplug and be done with it another step forward. From the dragon intestines to you is fast approaching other worms and you have to prepare for them. To get rid of them (be careful that the left are puddles, but that does not matter and worms can attack them), go west and then south, kill Elemental. Farther south are the other two worms (so beware if he came closer), but you first turn into the hallway to the right (west), where you will find the song Rauš, which increases magic all in earshot. According to the description, although it seems that does not add much, but when you start to play three magi at a time, picking up the magic of 18-27 points (according to the charisma of those who play).

Go farther west (north notice inflamed appendicitis with fiery puddles) and discard all remaining worms (two to three). Non-burning to go through the backbone, you get to where you have once again exceed the fiery puddle (I know that the dragon's rectum?). Get some sleep, let substitute Ice Armor one magician, detach it and take a step on a puddle. Immediately put on new armor, and take a step to the right or something like Connection. Go to the room in the northeast, where grab maneuver unstoppable shot, which works like magic magic bullet, but with a crossbow or bow.

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7. Dragon's Tail

Go farther west and at the base of the tail and kill two worms - be careful that they don't surround you from two sides. If properly set, on the contrary, can you surround them. Go west to keep on the tail, which pick up the beholder's gloves (overall defense is not much, but good for gloves). Go to the crossroads and left (north) route occurs wellspring, which is now in, move to the top floor. (If you have no more replacement icy armor, you must leave a magician with trident down - soon learn why.)

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2. Dragon spine

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1. Back to top

Go east and kill two elementals. Go still farther east to the closed valve. Magician, who is trident, put ice armor piece him back and jump into a pit in the southern alcove. Stroll through the fiery puddle to the west and will be two nerves. Both are in charge, switch to the other and go through the flap. Go farther east and go through a second valve. Only then gathered Connection. (If you did not pass, recharge the nerves).

Walk around the spring and in the hallway pick a song Berserk, which increases the attack and can be played up to three magi. Farther corridor leading to the room, but I've figured out how to get there over the pit - possibly through a fountain in the stomach. So far, it does not solve, and return to the fountainhead in the previous room. Let us bring back to the upper floor and go east, where talk to Hoyt.

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2. Combative Hoyt

Hoyt with you (not) want to fight, but fortunately his dog and Styn know (at least by reputation) and convinces him to join. This will teach maneuvers unstoppable attack (starts with the hammer and hurt anyone who gets in his way) and hurricane (an attack on several sides with a hammer) and spells Flash (fire hurts all enemies standing around) and fiery worm (throws the enemy worm, the third throw explode). He is wearing an ice armor (so you do not need him for it), and later, the Iron armor and Iron Pants. In his hand is two-handed hammer and also has a decent strength and passable Magic, but will he add speed to have two attacks per round.

Go east still, jump down the pit and kill the three elementals. Then just go always to the east, jump down and teleport to the east. Before leaving the dragon Vyházejte all the icy armor and put on again all magicians. Also discard electrical trident.

Of the worms you should get something over 2000 gold so you can buy equipment for Hoyt (I recommend Iron Gloves and Iron helmet). Alternatively, you could put a one-handed hammer and shield, to have the better defense (although full iron armor is strong enough).

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8. Labyrinth of Whispering fish

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1. The End

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1. Preparation

Go to the southern gate of the city and give your main character chest (maximum inventory) and take the other equipment that you could use - the remaining potions, food and musical instruments that can be used a main character.

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2. Alone

Tell the 3 villagers that you're ready to go. Other magicians but agree that they will go without you because you are not a magician, but an imposter. So your character is left alone and has only equipment that can support itself.

Villagers help but let pointer and so forth from the city south gate and go south to the crossroads. Hover and exposes you new road to the south. And walk therein, and walk through walls.

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2. Labyrinth

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1. Fish and springs

Labyrinth of Whispering FishLabyrinth of Whispering Fish
Map of streams in labyrinth

Note: This autotranslation will probably be useless since the labyrinth is full of "go north, then east, then south, etc." which may get swapped by Google Translate making it incorrect. If you need help, just send me an email.

You will find yourself in a labyrinth filled streams. Browse through the labyrinth can be a problem, but you have magic Automatic mapping, which will reveal the broad surroundings - if you have magic at least 28 and Level 9 (which you should have), you can cast a second level, which reveals the region 16x16 squares. Then the orientation of the map becomes a breeze. Next, I go through all the streets - even the blind - to keep track of where you've been (and possibly there could teleport). When teleportation remember that it is not over waterfalls.

Go left and exit to a source (though actually water flowing to him). If there gathered a true vision, you hear the fish whispering "fish turns the flow." Continue south up to the spring, where the jumping fish. Keep clicking on them, thus you begin to throw out of the well. Gather a few of them (you can fill them with the remaining places in the inventory) and go to the source. Throw him into one fish and the creek will flow in reverse.

Note: you can eat the fish, so do not be afraid to sleep inside the maze and spend a lot of time, because you can always go back to some the well, catch fish and eat them.

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2. North part

Go west to the waterfall and through facing the direction of water you get up. Go farther west and kill drakodav (large armored dog). You can help spells status of enemy, breastplates and cobweb. Injuries to him will cause spells Ice Blood, Magic Disease and consequently any offensive ( fireball, ice attack, etc.). . If you prefer a weapon, use it maneuvers according to the weapon used. Effective for example. Sek uncover, then Multiple sek. The dog leaves a few gold coins. Do not hesitate to sleep after a fight (you can eat fish).

Farther downstream is the next spring, at which you can use to turn the fish again, the power flow. But you go around a pole south to another stream. To the east is another fountain with fish and spring. You go west, jump from the waterfall and enter the portal. Get rid drakodav stand back and side. On the ground in the middle of the room pick up the magic of invisible (which does exactly what you expect - in combat and remain invisible enemies will not attack). Leave the room and go through the south portal.

Go back to the south and east portal, but this time walk around and go to the source. Throw him into a fish and then go through the portal again. He will now take home elsewhere.

Behind you is another spring, but you go downstream to the portal, which go through and get rid drakodav. By entering this website you got back, so first go to the fountain and throw the fish into it. This will return you to the post. Go then to the south, east, through the portal, then east again and again through the portal. Now you find yourself in the eastern part of the maze.

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3. Eastern part

Whenever you move to another area, I recommend you save your game in case you get lost in portals.

Before it is the fountain, so it still ignore. Go against the flow, bypass the portal and go into the hallway to the right (west). Go through the portal at the end and walk along the creek - it makes no sense, just that reveal the way back (at intersections can jump pit) and the ability to quickly teleport across the map. Go against the flow until you hit the drakodav. Kill it and get to the portal in the corridor to the west - to take you to the very beginning of the maze in case you need to buy supplies. If not, go over the portal, jump down and go through it.

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4. The western part

Kill drakodav, go east and south. Then go to the creek up to its beginning - which again only a mapping of the western part of the maze. Teleport back to the end of the stream and go north. Again, go upstream and jump from the waterfall.

Look at the map where you are and remember it. Go through the portal and get to the upper end of the creek. Teleport over the portal, which you have just passed, jumps to the east and go to another website in a niche in the rock. This puts you in a large spring, of which 4 are flowing streams. On the way to the west you can go back.

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5. Big spring

Journey to the south and east gates leading to the closed (you can go there and send automatic mapping, you can get over the waterfall portal), and then head north and east. Heading north, (upstream) to return to the post at the beginning of the maze and (downstream) to the well with fish (if you just do not have one). Go down the corridor to the west and into the spring roll fish. This rotates the direction of all four streams at a large spring.

Go to stream large fountain and go west. Jumps off the waterfall and go through the portal. This will take you to an entirely new part of the maze. Save your game and therefore gathered automatic mapping (just around the corner is east, but I can not get to him). Go through the portal to the north and return to the western part of the labyrinth - gathered here automatic mapping to reveal the southwestern part of the map.

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6. How to get to the southern part?

Go east, north and east and jumps in a niche portal with access to a large source. Go north to another river and follow it downstream up to the spring. Fill your fish and go through the portal.

In the spring before you throw the fish go south, bypass the portal and go to the waterfall, which will take you up. Walk east and south and kill drakodav the spring. You can go through the rest of this section, but besides fountains with fish that has nothing. So from a waterfall jumps and go through the portal to the north (in the creek). This takes you to the southern part of the labyrinth.

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7. Southern part

Take a step forward, turn around and pick up the magic vacuuming Energy, which allows you to supplement mana from enemies. Always spell supplement twice as much consumed. For example, if you have 50 energy and consume 20 to cast 2nd level spells, you have 70 energy (50 - 20 + 40).

Go east along the creek and then north to the lattice. From her go south to next spring creek. Throw into the spring fish and go downstream, bypass the portal under the bridge and then walk to the waterfall. Let us bring up and keep going. In the corridor to the north Kill drakodav, reach the end of the stream and throw the fish into the spring. Go under a waterfall and walk through a portal under the bridge.

Kill drakodav and go left to the spring. Notice that has a skull. Game called him red spring. If you throw him into a fish, stream, although rotated, but only for a while, so do not manage to become the west portal. This puzzle can be solved only through tnovu get us side to the back of other magicians, so do not worry about it now.

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8. In the dark forest

Get away from the red spring on the east and north, where jumps from the bridge. Go west and toss the fish into the spring. Go to the portal under the bridge and through him to get back to the western part of the labyrinth. Go south, then downstream and above the portal jumps to the east. Through the portal in the rock to get to the big fountain. Throw him into a fish (spring is on the way to the north) and go north. After creek then walk to the west portal and go through. Go south and go through the portal under the bridge, which will take you back to the southern part. Go east and north, jumps off the bridge and go through the portal under the bridge.

Now you are finally at the southern exit of the maze. A portal to the west to get back to the southern part (the bridge) and the north portal will take you a bit to the north east of the maze (toward town). Go through the black portal and get into the Dark Forest and catch up with other magicians.

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9. Dark Forest

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1. Traitors

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1. Meeting

Talk to other magicians and offer them a fish out of the labyrinth (although in reality you do not have any). Although the dog will smell good too, but Styn and convince others, so to you again added (or THEY will allow YOU to join them).

Go east and through the wall to get to the village. Review the village and met several automatic mapping to get the whole map. To the north is a house with an open door (one of the crosses on the map). Come and talk with the elders. This storyline has finally moved into dormitories set film Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven. Eventually you will agree that it is arm villagers magic sticks that can fight alone. The problem is that they are in the City of Bones, and as the name suggests, is full of the undead.

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2. Rangers

Now you can go back westward into the dark forest and go south. You encounter a forest guard who looks like a tree, and it is logically immune to the charms of water and earth and does not diminish even immobilize. Conversely, however, vulnerable to fire, so use the same strategy as crab man and sesílejte fireball and fire weapons. You can also use the newly flaming worms that you learned to Hoyt. Just three cast (with various mages) and the explosion in the world.

Forest Ranger has a lot of lives and severe attacks (even armed Hoyt injures 50 lives), but you must remember that although the immuno guard against ground and armor (the earth element), you cast yourself and thus be effective against it. When it comes to you (ie the leading two warriors - one of which should be Hoyt), you can maneuver unstoppable attack, making him force them to turn around and attacked Hoyt, while the second warrior and mages he will still attack in back (and will not therefore threaten injury). Alternatively, if you have a third or fourth fighter melee weapons can come closer to the guards and attack maneuvers cheaper (compared by throwing fireball). Guardian of the forest do not drop any objects, so kill them just to feel good (and battle experience).

Go farther south and get rid of another guard and turn west. Towards the south kills another guard and pick up the clearing maneuver bedlam, which is the last skill for Hoyt (i.e. the hammer) and can greatly facilitate the fight, because it forces the enemy to attack each other.

Go east, kill the guards and go still further. Around the southern entrance to the village, continue east, kill two guards and get to the eastern entrance to the village. From here, go east and then south, where the road kill guard. At the very south is the last guardian and to the east is the dragon gate - to that but we do not go, because it will kill the dragon.

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2. Labyrinth second time

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1. Red spring

Teleport So back to the gate to the Labyrinth (northwest corner of the map), because now you can solve the problem with red spring (the skulls).

Go through the portal to the west and go north to the waterfall, jump up and go south and west to the red spring with skulls (along the way, take one fish from the spring). Leave a magician with the fish at the spring and the other teleport to the waterfall on the north and then to the portal. The magician at the fountain to throw him a fish, switch to the other, came together to unify and go through the portal.

Go north and kill two drakodav corridor in the east - by now it should be a breeze. A portal to the south to get to the exit into the Dark Forest, a portal to the north near the exit to the city.

Go through the black portal to the west and get into the City of Bones.

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10. City of Bones

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1. Enemies

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1. Ghosts

If you go through the right (north), you encounter a ghost. In order to fight with him, you must first cast a spell real vision . But be careful, because it must be cast on all magicians who worked with him have a fight (with weapons or magic, with musicians it is not required). Real vision but applies only to magicians standing on the same square as the one revealed to him - it must therefore be cast either before the split or group with one mage from each group (eg. 1 fighter in front). In actual vision while mages spirit sees as tangible, but it does not mean that the material becomes. Still it will not work on common weapons, so you have to cast a spell gun fire on each combatant who is attacking weapons. But since fire weapon does not work on shields and guns in his other hand, or try them perform maneuvers and attack the other hand simply cancel (with the exception of large shield that works). The only option for a second weapon would be the first to cast fire weapon, then open inventory and swap weapons in the hands and then re-cast fire weapon on the other (which has now become the first) - this has but makes sense only if the playing speed because otherwise the spell wears off before you complete the process.

Spirit is also immune to the magic of the mind, so magical shot not succeed. But other spells such as Ice Blood , Magic Disease , ice attack and fireball , it works perfectly. Songs can help you the undermining , which reduced its magic resistance (see here but only for a moment). With seven mages, you should have no problem to get rid of him. Be careful only to the fact that it has two attacks per round and his Řemdih can attack both square one, even though it is facing fighters - weak mages should therefore stand up to the 3rd row from him. Conversely, if you can not attack the weak mages in the second row and if you have space, let you bypass so as to attack from afar and you had to either do it or move it with a spear attract. It is it clear that the use of repelling shield him just upload to the card. Since it is nehnotný spirit, after killing him nothing left.

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2. Statues

As you continue, you will pass a big dragon's skull, which he holds open two skeletons. As you can see, not much to them, which also causes when you go (and stand on their bayonets on the ground), skull buckle down and imprison you for it (closed all three skulls at all entry roads at once). So make sure to not forget a magician on the other side.

Skulls waiting for two groups of terracotta soldiers (in the west and the south of you, if you go the northern route). In each group, four soldiers have together 800 lives and causing injury with which you have not met (and crab men and guardians of the forest are against them sharpeners). Fortunately, 800 lives have together, which means that one soldier falls 200 lives and, as you progressively wounding, soldiers will die and will weaken by the fact their attack.

Vojice are immune to earth element (Terracotta is hardened ground), and thus the net (I do not know why this is the description of the department), and the song of fear, so contact the struggle is inevitable. On the other hand, if it will weaken the ice with blood , Magic Disease and by check uncover and myself gathered armor fire weapons , you can cause damage for 50 to 100 points one hit (multiple offensive and can cause over 200 points of damage in one maneuver). The combination of the songs speed then sort out within two or three laps so many attacks do not make it.

The best thing is that it left behind spear terracotta soldier , which is magical sword polearms high attack, ideal for supporting mages standing in the second row behind the fighters, because they will be able to use the maneuver extended point in combination with fiery weapons . They can also, if necessary, to step forward and large shield (since he could hold in his other hand) to protect the weaker fighters or extended point of pulling the get far enemy directly to the fighters who then saves the action that would otherwise be consumed to approach the enemy.

Note: The Warriors in the first place should be Hoyt with a two-handed hammer and either a dog or you are the hero with two guns (the best swords that can utilize various maneuvers).

Until vymlátíte two groups and get two copies for the two supportive mages, go into the northwest area and under a large bone chest Pick a song the undermining , which will weaken the enemy before your magic attacks and is therefore a good choice as an escort during the attack on ghosts. Northern Way is also barricaded, so go back and go south. Here kill the second spirit and go further south to the skeleton of the dragon (or what was the giant beast or monster).

Go west, get rid of a group of soldiers and pick up the Red arrest . Go, go farther east and kill the spirit. Now you can rack up a bone implant a pledge to revive the fallen skeletons and open all the dragon's skull. But before you do, put your bojovníjy to the skull in the south, because once opened, they start to browse through the terracotta soldiers. To get rid of them, pick up their spears and red arrest of a stand, because it can be used repeatedly and in different places.

If you now need to get into the city, use the same trick as opening the flap in the dragon. With one mage with the flag, stand to stand and walk with others to shut dragon skull (towards the city). Insert a pledge to stand, after a while it again and remove the magicians gathered at the skull Connection .

Go through the skull, and continue south around another flag stand and u buttons zavírajícího skull, then to the west. Get rid of patrolling soldiers and the end of the journey of two ghosts hovering. Pick up the Blue Flag, teleport back to a button on the east and walk to the flag stand. Insert the Blue Flag, remove it again and go south again (this time button closes the skull). Stroll skull farther south to a place where the spirit of waiting and a group of soldiers. When you kill and you will find that there has been nothing else, go north to jižnějšímu rack, insert a red flag, again when you take it and go through the skull to the stand to the north.

Let stand for a magician with both flags and the others go north and then west (where you find a track) and wait for the closed skull to the west. With separate mage first insert a red flag to stand (to open the skull to travel to the city), pick it up and then insert the blue (to open the route to the west). Pick up a second flag, go to the magicians gathered at the skull and Connection .

Go through the skull, go south and kill the spirit. Then go further south or southeast, walk two ghosts. Beware, because they love doing it, that one will attack you from one path, and the second that between bypasses around and attack from the rear of musicians or magicians behind the fighters. Once you get rid of both, in a room in the southeast pick up the magic of control , which is the last of elemet mind and allow you to attack multiple enemies if one of them tilt (at least temporarily) on his side.

Go into the room with a large rib cage and head west through the skull. At the crossroads divide magicians so that the two stood in the corridor to the south and two in the corridor to the west. Both sides will come in ghosts and will have in front of them to protect weak party members who can stay safe in the east corridor and just play music and cast support spells ( Ice Blood , fire weapons , etc.). Alternatively, you can try to lure you into the east alley that could attack both at once, or you could use the maneuver mela spell control and send them to each other.

After their destruction go west or south and get into the room to stand on the flag - as well as two ghosts and a group of soldiers. Try to lure them back into the hallway, so you can not attack at the same time and be careful if you are not trying to circumvent. He continued to go south, where they get rid of another group of soldiers and a bit more to the west of spirit. Go farther east into a large room with a rib cage, get rid of a group of soldiers, and in the southwestern corner of the green pick arrest. Go northeast into the room with the flag stand and fill it. Leave it for a magician with other pledges and the others go east and go through the skull.

When you go away, shut up another skull. Switch thus to Mage near the flag and replace it with a blue one. Then take it and the other magicians or something like connections. In a room guarded by soldiers in the south and east are three ghosts. So try to sneak (just up the ghosts go farther) from the intersection to the west and get rid of the soldiers. Then get rid of the ghosts so that it will entice him into the hallway and gradually liquidate.

In a room with 5 columns Pick 4 saritary (sticks resting on columns - one for the fifth column) and upon the earth beholderovu armor (magic version iron armor, as half the power) . Armor equip his second fighter to better defend together with Hoyt.

Stroll skulls back to the flag stand, since it is always put to the south and go through the newly opened skull. Go south and east, and get rid of two groups of soldiers and one spirit. Pick up at the end of the song reincarnation , which you can use to revive the fallen mages. Read the description as recovery takes time. Additionally, you'll want to play with only magicians who have Charisma and 45 more to lose experience.

Now you can teleport to the east (you may need to gradually pass through buttons and skull), go through the black portal to portal through the labyrinth and the northeast you get to the entrance to the Dark Forest.

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11. Defense village

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1. assault

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1. Preparation

Go into town and buy it as much as possible. Sell ​​ spear terracotta soldiers of City of Bones (is magic, so he buys a magician) and older equipment that you no longer need to have more money.

Try to buy better musical nístroje that add energy (among other things) and allows you to play longer without the need to drink potions. Further search, how are the magicians of clothes, and eventually they'll kick your magical cloak that increases defense against magic (you waiting for battle with wild mages). Also, see if they can not replace his magic stick for the better (to have more mana). Again it but do not overdo and buy futility because you need potions.

For the rest of the finances to buy potions, mana mainly because the fight will be long and will not be able to sleep. Potions lives should be enough for each mage to two or 3. mana so, how much money you have.

Hlavní menu

2. Defense

Go into the village and prepare everything necessary to defend the village; ie. Take the necessary weapons or tools and carefully about what songs you play. I recommend speed , so you can quickly move from place to place. Alternatively, to přesunun use Connection , but do not use the third grade, because they carried and musicians. Better is to use the 2nd level (by holding down the spell icon and click on II ) and select only those magicians that you need to fight.

Also before the fight can deploy fighters and mages around the village that were already prepared to fight begins (but it will have more meaning if you fail to defend the village, you'll play again and you know where they will attack prospectors).

Of course, do not forget to save a fixed position because the autosave you can overwrite an unsuitable moment (eg. To combat ends, and most geeks will be dead).

Old Man in a shack pass the saritary and immediately starts fighting with the Magi. In combat, you also have your 7 geeks to hand also four villagers, of which at least two must survive. Villagers are but rather on the burden because the whole fight just stands on the site, blocking the passage (curiously through it you can not browse or shoot), just waiting (to fight, I have not seen them) out to the wild mages slaughter (well, just the villagers). How they are stationed but villagers prevented square between the cottages. If you place the musicians here, they will be within earshot of all the other comrades who will be running around the village, while being protected against attacks prospectors.

The fight is divided into waves, and each wave after combat ends. Between waves, then you have two to four strokes that you again have revealed all the necessary spells, drink potions (always try to add mana to the maximum) and eventually swapped things between magicians (eg. If someone runs out of potions). Such strokes are counted only steps that you make. If you need, try to move en masse magicians (ie connect the first Connection , and only then take the necessary steps). Between the waves while you sleep, but you have only a few strokes, so it will not be very effective. Additionally, the wizards automatically wakes and wakes them up to attack the enemy - but this may mean that in the meantime massacred villagers and only then goes to you. So I do not recommend sleep. Better roads used for the move (if you repeat a wave and you already know where).

In each wave of prospectors are resistant to another element, so keep-sent status of enemy to know what not to attack them. The first two waves are easy, so try not to waste too much mana and kill magicians ordinary weapons - are resistant to fire, so the fire weapons do not make sense. Mages attack spells, which means that armor is also not effective. The third wave also come relatively weak mages, but impervious to water, so you will not be able to weaken the ice with blood and magical diseases. And most important, it starts watermill (to the west of the village), so the noise will not be able to play songs.

In the fourth wave will no longer be able to play, but they come with the magic mages storm (which you do not yet have a) that damages all the characters on the square. So try to divide magicians that any injury got hit only one of them. In this wave, you'll also need the most healing potions. The fifth wave will come a magician resistant to the ground, but will revive all corpses in the cemetery (south of the village), so will a lot of enemies (and is effective against armor ). Fortunately they Liven villagers unable to fight as well as those alive, so it will be quite easy.

The next wave will come mages wind and deploy in the village of crystals at the end of each round soak up a bit of your many magicians. Try to arrive as quickly as possible, therefore weapons to wasting mana, and only after the battle mages rejuvenate depleted energy potions.

In the last wave comes the magician who casts a poisonous fog. It gradually spread throughout the village and at the beginning of each turn hurt all who stand in it for 5 lives. So try to stay as far as possible, with most geeks away and with only one magician will go toward prospector (northeast). Outside of combat is hurting every step, while in combat when you play speed do 4-5 steps behind the wheel and hurt you only once. So if you went to all the mages find, you may find that shall die before they get to the enemy. With others therefore move to the beginning of the fight.

When you get to the main magician, try to dispose of it by all means available (except magic missile on which it immune) and too netaktizujte. Only if you get hurt, vypijde a potion or two lives. After fighting through the whole village and all posbítejte sticks (4 ×), food and gold coins. In inventory from the main prospector spell calling , which you can help to induce gnome who will fight at your side. You've also got safe-conduct , which you can use to pass through the Gates of Skeldal (dragon gate at the southeast Dark Forest).

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12. Skeldale

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1. Dark Forest

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1. Preparations

After a fight with wild mages go to town, sell their sticks and pieces together the magician potions. Buy a few Wolfsbane, because they expect to fight the werewolves (which you could find that you're in a dark forest revealed the true vision and the diary you wrote werewolf as a new enemy).

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2. Dragon Gate

Tip: Now is the right to use the song immediately genius and a little train your mages, because the fight is relatively easy and can be a lot of them vytřískat experience.

Go back to the Dark Forest and teleport to the southeast corner to the gate and pick up beholderovy shoes. Go to the intersection and then to the north, where you encounter a werewolf.

Werewolf is a powerful enemy, but with zero defense. Very easily and quickly thus sort out whatever you have on hand. Very effective is multi sec and výcenásobný shot, which combined with a fiery weapon can kill a werewolf in one fell swoop. The only problem in the fight with him is that if he can bite your warrior, he is also (immediately) turns into a werewolf. This comes on the ability to have anything to himself and thus discard all weapons, armor and even a sack or chest, which increases his inventory, resulting in then discards and most things from the inventory. But still remains an ally werewolf who fights for you (with their claws), and may even cast spells. It is therefore not a bad idea if you are a magician transforms into a werewolf, so leave it until you fight against them. Of course hostile werewolves also have claws, and mages attacks against proměněným nails and cause them quite large wounds due to the fact that proměněnec has no armor. It is good therefore to use armor that also in neproměněných magicians reduces the chance of transformation (because the werewolf misses). Werewolf has two attacks per round, and since nothing can wear, even when there's nothing left.

From the first werewolf go east, swarming with ghouls and other guardians of the forest. I will not even write how many, you too did not deter me. Fortunately, there are usually deployed so well that you will not suddenly fighting with more than one or two. This in turn means that after each battle you will have to re-cast armor.

First probojovávejte in the northeast corner, where you can find maneuver stray bullet , allowing you to attack and "around the corner". This is useful because the werewolves and the guardians of the forest, because they can not attack from a distance, weaving during the fight, they can not shoot at them. Since the maneuver will let the south, where another pile of guards and werewolves, and at the end turn to the west to another group.

This will take you to the Gates of Skeldal and you can go inside.

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2. Gates of Skeldal

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1. Ground

In the tower is teeming with fiery and airy magicians (gathered status of enemy to distinguish it). If you play a song resistance to magic (which is about the only choice), fire mages will cause injuries around 5 lives and have two attacks per round, so it should not be a problem. The problem is with 3 air magicians who have four attacks per round and sent down a storm that can attack "around the corner", injures 20 - 30 Lives (no resistance against magic, it would be twice as much) and hit all the magicians on the square. So try to keep your warriors separately to not receive joint interventions. Prospecting spells but do not reach farther than 3 čtvrce so on mages and bards standing nearby, you do not have to worry.

You start to play resistance before the fight (to also apply to the initial attacks) and then push out the two toughest fighters forward after each one sided sakrofágu, which is in the middle of the room. This air-mages focus on them. With the support mages (ie. 3 remaining) start using a new spell calling . Try to recall as many gnomes (their number is limited) and induce more mages is as close to them and have to go straight to start attacking. Despite gnomes (as before despite the villagers) can not browse, shoot or cast spells. The only thing we can do is attack them through with a spear. Sesílejte So the gnomes only on the sides and magicians to them could still attack from the front.

Once you have enough gnomes (and 6-9), gathered at the two fighters popped invisible to force the mages attacking gnomes instead. Furthermore begin with mages cast ice Blood and Magic Disease (which, fortunately, applies to all present here mages) gnomes to facilitate their disposal. Meanwhile invisible warriors drink potions lives to supplement their lost strength, and slide the mages (if you kept instead remembered again gnomes). When you are with them, you start to cut arms. On air magicians also, of course, true fire weapons, which can be cast with supporting mages, after the complete application debilitating spells. You can also use the net and slightly reduce the number of attacks of the enemy.

During the fight, make sure that bards have enough mana all the time and to slowly drifted northward to cover the resistance and the rest of the room. The mages naturally replenish mana potions and further induce more gnomes whenever one dies or shoot Fireball (on air magicians) or a magic bullet (for fire mages), if you have them at gunpoint (and not block the gnome).

If during the fight one of your magician died, keep it reincarnation , which is played on the same tools as the resistance against magic. When the revival must go to rounds of counting.

After the fight, pick up sticks and magic in a room in the northeast of chest you give someone, and magic wall , which enables you to protect mages from attacks from a distance. Then go to the northwest room and down the stairs (not much to see - in the south wall), climb to the first floor.

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2. 1st Floor

Go to the west and south and dispose of magicians using Open gnomes and relevant spells to not durable. Attention Should this have on the natural magician who has a pretty strong attack and may even attack the corner. Go down south to the abyss and try magic bullet or gun to kill at least some of the four fire mages on the other side.

Go to the bell, which is in the middle of the gorge (in the map marked with a cross) and click to start ringing. This rotates the gravity and you can make two steps and one step east and south to the bell stopped play again and you have reached the ground. Go south and get rid of the remaining magician. Pick up the sticks and go north to the stairs. To go back in the southern part of the bell again turning gravity.

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3. 2nd floor - east

Go to them and get rid of two water mages Mentalist (magician mind). Pick up food and go to the bell in the south and up the stairs to go out west to the 3rd floor.

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4. 3rd Floor - East

Go north to the abyss, then one MAGE go to the bell and chime him. The other inputs of the gorge (one step to the north) and then west into a small hallway where pick Clapper . The magician with the bell gathered connection and all except one, go back to the abyss. Again bells, go with others across the gulf to the north and then east and decrepit Connection . Walk north to the next abyss and go to the bell in the west, which resound inserting Clapper . Quickly navigate gap (one step to the east and two north), go west and jump back down to the second floor (hurt you just for one life).

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5. 2nd Floor - West

Now this would be quite a long struggle with 8 mages various elements. If you want to keep fighting as soon as possible, to be able to sleep, so try not to proceed with the download, and rather backward and forward, send a few warriors and gnomes. When discharge the magicians in the room, withdraw all back north and wait a couple of rounds, if that does not stop the fight.

The room and the adjacent corridor to the west are the three Magi, the room in the middle are the other two mages, then one in an alcove in the corridor to the south and the last two in a room in the south. Use the fact that you can call gnomes and through a wall wherever you know that there is space - sesílejte therefore automatic mapping to reveal the other corridors and rooms. Remember, send the secret room only makes sense gnon 2nd and 3rd level to have enough lives and moves present mages cause any injury. Even so, it may be necessary to cast 5 or more gnomes than magicians execute without your intervention (during the fight, you can speed up by clicking on the icon to end the round > | .

Once you get rid of, collect their sticks and meal and take the stairs on the southwest go out again to the 3rd floor.

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6. 3rd floor west

Go north and get rid of gas and air mage in the room. First, bring up there a few gnomes and then send the pair is invisible warriors arrive. Go farther north to the bell and the stairs to the fourth floor.

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7. 4th Floor

To the south rid of the two magicians and go up to the bell. You can see the area to the east and south over the precipice, but there's nothing there. Instead, note the map that just north of the bell is marked with a hole in the ceiling. Separate Thus, a magician, and go with him to the north to the location indicated on the map. The other ring the bell and a separate magician flops to the 5th floor. Make him one step forward (in any direction) to stay on the fifth floor and then a few steps to the side to stop paying reverse gravity. Rundown Connection and throw as well as other mages to the 5th floor.

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8. 5th Floor

Now awaits hardest fight, because in the next corridor waiting 8 magicians crammed in a small space, so much can not use the previous strategy of gradual killing using gnomes. On the other hand, if everything goes well you schedule, you can kill them all without having to be approached.

Gathered at the magicians (ie those with the highest magic) invisible and place them into the southeast corner of the room (the one with the hole). Rundown Automatic mapping and discover corridor in waiting prospectors. Then on every other decrepit control to temporarily force the attack on his comrades. While the free čtvrce north and south corridors through calling gnomes gathered (at least level 2 to endure for a while), and as a bonus for enemy mages gathered ice Blood and the magic of the disease (although you do not know what their element, but if it was a water mage, the "Casting failed"). If you have space, you can make it harder for enemy mages sesíláním cobwebs , but at least at the beginning of the fight, you have to do dovyvolávat gnomes and control other magicians.

With other magicians play either Genius or picker to the fight benefitted as much, or you can play regeneration that magicians do not have to waste any potions on developing gnomes and debilitating casting spells. And fighters who in this struggle remain unused, can restore invisible magicians in the corner, so any wild mage thought to attack them.

To clean the corridor, you can gradually move magicians south and then east into the hallway and cleaned using automatic mapping to see if a prospector and escape into space in the southeast. Once all south 5th floor clean, go northeast to the room next hole.

Sleep well and jump down. Get rid of the two fire mages and run up the stairs back to the northern corridor on the 5th floor. Allow one (I'll call him first ), a magician with the bell and with others, make two steps to the west. Then switch to first and take a step to the east. Go with him to the bell, and it will sound again. With other magicians take one step to the west and one to the north. Then again switch to first and take a step to the east. Now a group of magicians separate second , which is in the midst bells. With others take a step to the south and then west. Switch to the first and take a step to the east (or wherever it is possible). Switch to the second , bells and others go west. Rundown Connection and climb to the 6th floor.

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9. 6th Floor

Rundown automatic mapping to reveal the entire floor and the stationing of Magicians. You can use the same trick as the previous floor with invisibility, mastery and invocation. Once you get rid of geeks in the northern part of the room (which see), go east and south until you see the map at the south end of the room and magicians in it. Again, dispose of them at a distance.

When the peace, then walk into the room, collect food and magical sticks and talk to the mayor. Denounces you, who is it and what does Morighael tower Skeldale. Then you give the key to the ice gate that leads to a new area. After a conversation ring the bell in the middle of the room (cp did learn in a moment).

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10. Journey mine

Note: In the western corridor should be a portal that takes you straight to beam down, but in some versions of the game or because of an error in the game is not open so I must go down on foot.

Go up the stairs to the fifth floor, you will go down and jump into the pit. 4th floor, go south, bells and go south into the pit you fall back to the 5th floor. Teleport to the pit to the west and jump to the 4th floor. Go north and stairs to the third floor. Bell then walk around the pit and jump down. Stand in the southeast corner of the room and one mage go south to the bell (marked on the map with a cross). Ring, switch to the other mages (if you hear a bell, you have to go further to the south) and go twice to the north and one to the east. Gathered connection, go east and jump into the pit to the south. Right behind you in the north are then stairs to the first floor where you jump into the pit and you're on the ground.

The ground floor has broken sarcophagus and revealed working under him. So far with him nothing you can not do so using the maps of the island teleport to town (from the ground floor here it comes), where the sale of collected Magic sticks to earn 8,000 gold. Selling major food packaging , which had some magicians can earn a few more hundreds. Since you can use the cornucopia , or in the labyrinth to catch fish, it makes no sense to pull the food that you can sell quite expensive.

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13. Mountain Pass

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1. Gateway

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1. Preparation

With the money earned by selling magic stick prospectors you can buy additional equipment. Also, do not forget the potions. Get some sleep and eat. You can stop by the labyrinth to catch fish.
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2. To mountains

Teleport using a map of the island to the tower Skeldale and go out. Bear right to the west and then north. At the end of the wall, turn west and then north to the gate. Use her key, which you have from the mayor and walk.

This area is very similar to the icy plains. Go east and then north and you reach the mountain pig at the fireplace. Of course it is resistant to water, so do not try to weaken him. Likewise, it is immune to fight maneuvers, and tightening (both variants). And he can not cope with him or inducing gnomes, because it hurt. Pig them, but while paying attention so you can use them to distract attention. It has a lot of lives and rigid armor, so common weapons on him does not apply. Like ice creature on his work but fire weapons and fireball. Also make do with magic weapons (eg. Spear terracotta soldiers). Pig attacks and bashing his head against the enemy, which he hurt while bouncing on one square back (during which operation will reflect all those on the square stands. So try to quickly revert back to you chased into a corner or somewhere knock against. When you get rid of him and collect the gold coins.

The fire Collect 4 hot rods and on the advice of true vision is hand out the magicians as divided into groups that each team had one (the front row, second row and the support team). Go west and then north through to the statue. According to the council, click on it to not change the wind direction. Then go a little further west and use one-hot rod at the strange wall to dissolve. Although it does, but only for a while, so when you need to return, you'll have to do it again. Check that the necessary groups have poles (which was already used by heating), as in other areas of the winter. Get rid of the pig and still go to the west. At the end of the maneuver pick h with a return , which allows you to throw a spear.

Go again dissolve the ice wall and return to the fire. Insert sticks into it cold to warm up again. Once hot, ourselves back into inventory. Go east again, but this time let the southern route. You get to an open area where flying gryphons. Glider like creatures are impervious to air, which you need not worry because the air attack spell you do not have. Griffin has a total of three shares per round, so to you very quickly approaches. Try to him, then quickly weaken and arrive.

Go along the ledge, walk around the pit and move on. Taking care to another Grifone, which at an opportune moment to shoot down weapons or spells. If you have a bow or crossbow, you can use a delusional shot that hits the Grifoni, wherever they are. Go to the other side, go east and get rid of the pig. From the fireplace, take another 4 hot rod and divide them magicians.

Go east and then south. Get rid of the pig and go to the open space. Here you get rid of the pig and another 3 griffon. Let archers, magicians and musicians on a ledge on the left from the southern ledge and fighters to go to the southern ledge of a pig. Once you pig sheds, with combatants (of course, the supported fiery weapons and armor) Pay him indiscriminately. Once the fighters begin to approach grifinové, begin to bombard with lučišníky and magicians. So you should have no problem to get rid of.

Ignore the statue and go east and then north. U fireplace pick up another rod and go east to the statue. Click it to switch to the wind blowing to the west (to the wall). Go back to the campfire, go north and then walk along the walkway up to the point where you get rid of 4 grigonů. Go to the fireplace and go east, the south and north. The area to the east to get rid of the pig. Go on and get back into the cold prosturu where you need poles for heating and melting the walls. If you run out, go back to the previous fire (cross the room 3.3).

Get rid of the two pigs and go to the ice wall to the north. Melt it and get rid of the pig room. Go a little further and kill the first pig in the south and then in the southern corridor to the east. Continue east on the northern route, and in the next room melt the wall and kill a pig for her. Go north road, kill the pig, melt the wall and go north. The south is also the pig, but go for it only if you have enough red-hot rods. If not, you can write a note on the map and later to return to him.

Go east and then south into the open. Get rid of all griffon, which is really hoooodně. You can use the control to get it a little easier. I recommend playing the song Genius because it gives you at least a half of living for everyone. Then go east and get rid of even two pigs and the remaining griffon.

Go to the first statue and keep clicking on it until nepředpaží right hand. Then go right to the east and north, and get rid of griffon further north. Go to the statue and click on the left hand while the right hand moves. Leave it for a magician and go north and then east to the air stream. The magician at the statue again, keep clicking on it to put your arms straight. Then go back to the first statue and set it to have your arms straight. Switch to the other magicians gathered connection and go east to the fire.

The forgotten pig can return by switching statue in the south. Zaházejte hot rods and get on a dragon.

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14. Loudwater city

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1. Dragon

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1. Preparation

In town, you can return using a map of the island and buy more equipment because of swine've got a couple thousand gold coins. Bourne back into the city to return again with a map of the island (at far left).

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2. City in the Clouds

After the city can move on to the dragon - normally press the arrow keys or swipujte and kite flying, where you tell him. When you arrive to the island, winds up and lets you stand out. After accession must first make a step forward to control passed to a dragon and began to work properly turning and reversing. Dragon can not fly sideways so you must first turn and then fly forward. Otherwise, the dragon you the same thing on the ground - attack him (of course, not during the game to go and divide the bunch), sleep, play songs depend on the movement (cornucopia), etc. Do I point you do not store the moment just before the appearance of dragon - after loading can be a dragon wrong turn and make it harder for such performances. If this occurs, turn and forcing the kite to fly a bit off.

Sail to the islet to the right (East), walk around the pagoda (it is the small house) and kliknitím open the door. Inside scoop up beholderovu helmet , the last part of this set. Go back to the dragon and fly to the west, where a small island Kill Black Pegasus. It is resistant to the web just because it flies in the air, and has power of life or armor, so there should be no problem to kill at a distance.

Fly to the large island in the north, get off and go to the pagoda in front of you. Open the door and pick up the magic bow. If you can equip the support it any magician. It will fit on Bourne Knight, who patrols. It is resistant to air and also common weapons. Conversely, magical weapons, enhanced fire weapons, blood and ice to the multiple attacks he can lose hundreds of lives at once.

Beware of the attack - hit is anyone who stands on the square in front of it on other squares behind them. So do not try to attack him with spears from the second row, but instead use a bow and magic spells from a greater distance - preferably from the back of the dragon, where you can not. If you have to attack from the ground, just send him a fighter that will prevent him from approaching the lučišníkům. If you have more powerful fighters, you can try and force him to encircle and attack the other side than where they stand mages and bowmen.

Open the door and second pagodas and pick up a potion. If you do not, I recommend you go back to town and buy another one magical bow - destruction of enemies will be much easier. Go to the dragon, fly around the island to the west and then north. Avoid bouřkovému tornado that sometimes appear and attempt to get off the island in the middle surrounded by storm.

The pagoda on a small island and there is nothing so Fly farther to the northwest and get rid of two Pegaso. You can use the Automatic mapping to search for other islands. Fly northeast to another larger island, where patrolling Common Gull two knights and two Pegasus. All four can kill with bows and spells from the safety of the dragon's back. When the peace, landing and pagodas remove from Talking mask .

Go back to the dragon and fly to the east and north, where the pagoda on a small island you will find two energy potions. Fly farther east and discard Pegas corner. Then fly to the south and get rid of a few other groups Pegasi. On a small island in the southeast corner of the locked door and then leave before them a magician and fly to the larger island to the west of it. The pagoda, see devilish violin , which is the best instrument in the game. Then switch to an abandoned magician and pagodas pick from stormy gloves . Go to the other magician with gloves and fly to the west.

The pagoda on the Isle pick up the potion and fly to the larger island to the north of it. From a distance, get rid of the two patrolling knights, landing and northern pagoda pick up the fighting kapos , which is great for mages. Fly farther north, on the big island to get rid of 3 Knights. And then landing on the northern pagoda pick up the magic of Storm , the last offensive spell that hit the designated box and then also all adjacent (ie an area of ​​3 × 3). It is therefore not good with him attack the enemy, which stands for your fighters, but rather is great for a group of enemies.

Now you'll need on an island in the middle where the raging storm. Tip for solving this puzzle you, if you are real vision to fly over the islands. When you fly to the island south of the storm and gathered seen the real with guns, learn, shooting crystals. Fly therefore to a small island east of the central island and leave it to a magician at the door. Then, fly to jednočvercovým around the islands on which the map labeled buttons - one to the northeast, southeast and the third one southwest from him. Each button Place a magician and then switch on the door and pick up a stormy crystal discharged. Then switch to one of the geeks on a dragon and decrepit Connection . Now the crystal must be recharged.

If the real vision Proletíme near tornadoes, you learn that you can help (even if help is not very accurate). So tornado watch and observe which way flies. Find a place (again helps real vision ) where flying over the island and then to put the question instead of crystal. Be careful to place him laying of not throwing it away. The best place on the Big Island in the northwest, where the crystal can lay to the south wall south pagodas.

When the crystal is charged, grab him, fly to the gun on the southern island, insert the crystal and cannon fire, and automatically terminates the storm. Fly to Ostrva and go to the middle pagoda. If you look at the map, you will see four buttons on earth. The magic of true vision will then advise that it would be good to have someone inside. This is easily solved by using retrieval. Stand up to the bars and čtvrec ahead decrepit gnome. He should be smart enough you will step on the button. If not, went further right on the button - square one on the left and one down the middle of the darker squares.

Go inside and talk to the skeleton. To make it, put on his Talking mask . Heavenly will denounce what had happened. Too can not cope with how to kill Morighaela (say anything that he had not mentioned the other tower), but it gives you at least a gear. (After the interview, you can throw away the mask speaking). Perhaps you remember where last (and indeed only) have seen some movement. Teleport (you'll need to return to the dragon's back) So using a map of the island to Skeldale and put gear into the machine on the ground floor. Walk out of the tower, bypass lever (you looked back on the tower) and pull.

Surprisingly, the entire tower moves away to reveal a hole in the middle, into which you can jump. Prior to that, but you can walk into town for supplies and the labyrinth to catch fish.

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15. Glowing templa of night

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1. Under the tower

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1. Door

With one mage (the one with the most lives) go ahead and step on the panel in the form of half-shining sun. This will extend knives magician injures 10 lives, filled with his blood channels and open doors. Stand back, please, and a bunch of question bypass panel. Go through the door and go left (since the right is again tiles that would hurt you). Bypasses column and go east and then north. In a room filled with chalice you have to break the gargoyles (aka Gargoyle). Although a lot of lives (1000), but has no resistance and works at it all, including the taking of the ordinary. After using ice blood and fire arms, you should dispose of it in a couple of rounds. Attacked several times during the round by throwing fiery stones, which afflict 15 to 20 lives, so be careful and, if necessary, be strong potion - when you kill him, you get almost 1,000 pieces of gold, enough to buy more.

If you need to sleep, you have to go back out in front of the tower.

Click on the cup and take the shackles of light. Go back and go north. Stand in front of the door and one magician stand on the panel to the left to fill the channels with blood. Then one of the magi insert the shackles of light, and open the door. Go into the room to the west and get rid of two gargoyles. You can use GNOME diversion because gargoyles attacking them because they do not pose a threat (is hurt), but also can not pass through them. You can therefore be used as a temporary roadblock before you get rid of the first gargoyle. Then send a few Gnome and tell fireball and second gargoyles.

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16. The End

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1. Unfinished

This walkthrough is still not finished. Try to look again in a few days.

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2. Overview maneuvers


For each spell (generally charms are considered as maneuvers and songs) is given a name and either a magician who can do it (and teach others), a teacher from Caredbaru or region where the (accurate description in the manual).

# Blancheons *** (swords, axes)

One-handed swords and axes are much better to attack the weak and offers a two-handed sword or ax, but does not allow you to use a second weapon or shield. Thanks to a maneuver Multiple sek but an experienced fighter attack to 4x one weapon, so it compensates for low attack. Moreover, it enables to reduce the enemy's defenses using the checks, uncovering , so that others will have a better offensive weapons. At least one fighter should therefore have a sword or ax should be a second weapon. Magic sword does not make sense, because it needs a lot of magic and more will get you instead buy a mighty stick (although not attack, but picks up magic and mana).
  1. Sek - the main character
  2. Multiple sec - Dog
  3. Vortex - master of combat
  4. Revived weapon - Dirt
  5. Sek uncover - swamp

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1. Blunt (maces, hammers)

Hammers are compared sečným weapons more powerful, but also require greater strength. But it offers useful maneuvers, which will facilitate the fight in the later stages of the game. two-handed hammer has Hoyt, so you should let him (thus not need to buy it before).

  1. Percussive blow - the main character
  2. A knockout punch - master of combat
  3. Unstoppable attack - Hoyt
  4. Uragán- Hoyt
  5. Mel - Dark Forest

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2. Fire (crossbows, bows)

Crossbows and bows allow you to attack from a distance, just like magic. But they require strength and speed, which probably much geeks will. Once you have enough money and high charisma, you can get 2 to buy a 3000 magical bow , which instead requires magic powers and can be a great weapon for mages in the back rows. It is best to maneuver multiple gunshot , since fires several arrows, and when one of them kills a friend, and the other flies away and can injure another enemy.

  1. A simple shot - the main character
  2. Multiple gunshot - Dirt
  3. shot multiple directions - master of combat
  4. Unstoppable shot - bowels dragon
  5. Bludná shot - Skeldale

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3. Pole (spears, halberds)

Basic spear is a great weapon for mages in the second row, because no features and lets you attack over other magicians. Her attack is not negligible (still a bit stronger is the halberd, which is enough speed 20) and in combination with fire weapons can greatly facilitate the fight. The downside is that most of these weapons are two-handed, so allow the use of a shield or a second weapon. Since it but will use mostly the wizards in the second row, so many defense needed.

  1. Stabbing - the main character
  2. Long Point - master of combat
  3. Draw point with tightening - Dirt
  4. Hod returning - Mountain
  5. Pull up from all sides - under the sea

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4. Shields

Shields offer both the defense and the (relatively weak) attack maneuver through edge cut (attack and defense strength is given in the description of each shield). The disadvantage is that they require quite a lot of power and use one-handed weapons. It therefore can not be combined with strong two-handed weapons or magic with a two-handed clubs. A lot of the shields can be found in the swamp, so at least early in the game when you shields come in handy, no need to buy them. And in the later stages of the game will be available Iron Armor , Magic armor and invisible , so defend the shield will not be so necessary. In addition to the cutting with the edge is useful to bounce (and fight ), which prevents enemies attack up close - on the contrary, a bad idea to use it on enemies who might attack from afar. Maneuver large shield may seem useful, but it is much better to simply stick a warrior with a shield forward and leave the rest behind, rather than try to protect them all in one shield.

  1. bounce - crypt
  2. scuffles - master of combat
  3. edge cut - swamp
  4. Large by labeling under the sea
  5. An eye for an eye - ship

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5. Hole

Magic sticks, except the strongest, do not attack at close range, so for them there are no maneuvers. Increase but magic, so they are a good thing for mages, who have no other weapons or tools. The strongest magic stick, allows a close combat attack, but again needs such high strength that it probably hardly any magician will be able to use.

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3. spells Overview

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1. Fire

The fiery spells are solely assault. They are not as strong as others, but they are relatively inexpensive and sober to cast, so even with the decline in magic magician manages to cast a greater degree. The only drawback is impervious to enemy fire element that these spells not hurt.

  1. Fireball - the main character
  2. Fire Weapon - Glenead (librarian)
  3. Outburst - Hoyt
  4. Fire worm - Hoyt

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2. Water

Ice spells are more supportive or designed for special cases ( ice attack true enemies in the bowels of the Dragon). They are also slightly more expensive and complicated than fire spells, it is better to cast the only magicians who have the sufficient qualifications (high magic).

  1. Ice attack - Glenead (librarian)
  2. Vacuum Energy - Whispering labyrinth fish
  3. Magic illness - Styn
  4. Ice blood - Lucias

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3. Earth

The first two spells are inexpensive, easy, and very helpful in the beginning, because it avoids many enemies hurt you in some fights can mean the difference between life with death - is definitely a buy and learn to use them in every battle. The other two spells can be found only in a later phase of the game, so they are quite expensive, but it compensates for their great účinnek defense and the attack.

  1. Armour - Glenead (librarian)
  2. Cobweb - Dog
  3. Wall - Skeldale
  4. development - village (after the fight)

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4. Air

Air spells are more supportive and serves to facilitate the fight or solve puzzles. Thanks stealth to protect the wounded mage or raise defenses like breastplates . Perfect for musicians who need to attack so they can weave unnoticed among the fighters. Magic Storm is offensive, but get him later.

  1. Status enemy - Glenead (librarian)
  2. The Tempest - Loudwater city
  3. Invisibility - labyring whispering fish
  4. Connection - Dirt

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5. Mind

Like magic air is used more for support and facilitation. Spells Automatic mapping and real vision to help you find while browsing areas and solve puzzles. Magic shot and control can then facilitate the fight, but we need to use them correctly - and have the opportunity to do so, because otherwise just be wasting energy (mana).

  1. The magic bullet - Styn
  2. Automatic Mapping - Glenead (librarian)
  3. True Vision - Dog
  4. Domination - City of Bones

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4. list of songs

Songs easier fight or prepare for it. The list can sort them by the instruments which can be played, so it will be repeated. In parentheses is the number of how many other tools can play (if possible). When playing multiple instruments, beware of that song playing on two instruments of the same type does not have any effect - is required to play instruments of various types. Also watch for respiratory vs. brass and string vs. string, because even though they have a violin strings and pipes are blowing breath, can not they play string and wind parts of songs. Particularly string instruments in inventory ill differ from the string because the figure do not bow.

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1. Percussion

These include drums and can be used to play basic and simple songs. They require only a minimum of charisma (no tambourine), so they can play a mage or warrior. Better drums increase physical defense, and adding energy (mana), so you can use them instead of supporting magician magic stick and shield (which together can carry).

  1. Berserk - gut Dragon (+2)
  2. Faster - Lucias (+2)
  3. The order of battle - ship
  4. The Fear - Master of Music (+1)
  5. the undermining - City of Bones (+1)

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2. Woodwinds

The second basic type of instruments are flute, which do not require much charisma and are quite useful, so these songs can also play a supportive magician. Pan Flute increases the speed and energy (mana).

  1. Reincarnation - City of Bones (+2)
  2. Rauš - gut Dragon (+2)
  3. Genius - Lucias (+2)
  4. Regeneration - swamps (+1)
  5. Resistance magic - Lucias (+1)
  6. Healing - the main character

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3. Brass

Harder version of brass instruments, which require a lot of charisma. Mostly they can play second party simpler songs (rhythm and breathing). All of these tools increase energy (mana) and increase the strength of the better, so the musician can use better armor.

  1. Berserk - gut Dragon (+2)
  2. Moses - Styn
  3. Faster - Lucias (+2)
  4. The Fear - Master of Music (+1)
  5. Rauš - gut Dragon (+2)
  6. Obrannyschopnost - Styn (+1)

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4. Strings

Stringed instruments require quite a lot of charisma and can therefore be used in a dedicated musician. But they offer all sorts of support, which you can use in battle. Cornucopia will allow you to pull on them with supplies of food and sleep without fear of starvation. String instruments increase energy (mana).

  1. Berserk - gut Dragon (+2)
  2. Reincarnation - City of Bones (+2)
  3. Genius - Lucias (+2)
  4. the undermining - City of Bones (+1)
  5. Resistance magic - Lucias (+1)
  6. Cornucopia - a master of music

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5. Fiddlesticks

Demanding instruments that only a true virtuoso can play (he who practically all points invests in charisma). Most of the songs can be played on other instruments (a song collector I do not find so useful), so use them only if you have a true bard and want to play second or third part of a song. Stringed Instruments lot of energy and also increases a little magic, so allow bardům much to invest in magic and still be able to cast powerful spells (at a time when not playing).

  1. Faster - Lucias (+2)
  2. Rauš - gut Dragon (+2)
  3. Genius - Lucias (+2)
  4. Obrannyschopnost - Styn (+1)
  5. Regeneration - swamps (+1)
  6. collector - Master of Music

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5. Links

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1. Game's official site

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6. Credits

Made by Nothrem Sinsky © 2016 - All rights reserved.

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1. Author

Nothrem Sinsky


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2. Credits

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3. Engine


Engine for walkthroughs developed by Nothrem Sinsky

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7. Walkthrough history

17.7.2016Czech walkthrough of Crypt, Swamp and Ship
description of merchants in Caredbar
18.7.2016English auto-translation of Crypt, Swamp, Ship and Caredbar
19.7.2016English auto-translation of Under the sea, Ice Walls and Dragon
20.7.2016New English auto-translation of completed Ice Walls and Dragon
Changed translation from "geek" to "mage"
21.7.2016Updated old parts with new auto-translation of changes in Czech version
New English auto-translation of completed Labyrinth of Whispering fish and Dark forest
27.7.2016English auto-translation of Village protection, Ruins of Skeldal, Mountain pass and Storm city
Added map of the Labyrinth of Whispering fish
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